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24 August 2010

Acupuncture... 4 Treatments and Getting Better

Yesterday my mom had her 4th acupuncture treatment in a row, just as the study had suggested.

My mom, she is finding her word more easily and her mood is pleasant.  Her blood pressure is lower than it had been which tells me that she is calmer.

Mom, she's been sleeping through the night too.

Today she is going to Adult Day Healthcare.  She's not thrilled about going but she knows that she needs to go because Dr. Barton "ordered" it for her overall good health.

We're just at the beginning of her acupuncture treatments and they appear to be giving her good results.  She still hallucinates a lot, she's not frightened and now she can tell me about "her people."   My conclusion?  Acupuncture... 4 treatments and getting better.

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