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25 June 2010

Thank God for Angels, Especially the Living Kind

The Visiting Angels came yesterday, they arrived on time with bright smiling faces.  It was our first meeting where a Respite Care Giver met my mom and me.

All morning I had anticipated the Visiting Angels arrival, doing all that I could to serve my mom food and drinks that would keep her on an even keel.  My goal:  keep her happy and don't rock her boat.

Knowing that respite is a bit closer for me, I was able to handle all the nonsense that comes with my mom's illness.  I was more understanding, like I am when I'm rested.

We went in the pool in the morning, well my mom went in the pool, I weeded the garden.  Around lunch time I got in the pool and mom got out and told me that she was ready for lunch.  "Hurry up, I'm hungry!  What are you making for lunch?!"  She asked like a little kid.

I had no idea what I would make because I had not gone food shopping; the fridge had slim pickings.  While I took an inventory of the fridge for potential ingredients that I could transform into lunch, my mom went to her room to change out of her bathing suit.

Mom came back into the kitchen dressed in just a bathrobe, not a stitch of clothing under the robe.  It was now 12:30 PM and the Visiting Angels were arriving in 30 minutes.  My mom needed to eat lunch and then get dressed within 30 minutes.  Rushing her could have caused behavior issues so I let her sit in her robe and eat her lunch.

The clock was ticking.  My mom seemed to be eating especially slow.  The rash on my arm began itching the more I stressed about her not being dressed when the respite folks arrived.  I held my tongue, knowing not to say something that would trigger difficult behaviors.

Finally, at 1 PM my mom finished her lunch and she went to her room to get dressed.  The sound of the door bell sent my mind reeling, my mom wasn't dressed, she would need my help and we had visitors.  I know that rushing my mom could send her off on a tirade; I held back and let her take her time.

My mom came out of her room, still in her robe.  She told me that she needed my help but I think she really wanted to see our visitors.  Once she saw the 2 women that had just arrived, my mom ran off to her room to get dressed.

I sat with the women and we chatted a little about my mom.  My mom came back, still only dressed in her bathrobe.

"Susie, there's a sick lady in my bed.  Can you get her out of here?"  My mom asked.

"Sure.  I'll call Dream Master and have him take care of it.  Come on, let's use your special phone in your room.  Excuse me."  I excused myself from my guests and hurried off to call Dream Master.

"Hello Dream Master?  This is Sue.   There's some sick lady here bugging my mom, can you make sure that she is out of here?  Thank you Dream Master, I'll tell her.  OK.  Thanks a million."  I spoke into the phone while my mom watched on attentively.

I told my mom that Dream Master will take care of the troubling entity and she was safe to change her cloths so that she could visit with our guests.

A few minutes later my mom came out to the room where I was sitting with the Visiting Angels.  She had gotten dressed and stood at the doorway doing a little glamor pose.  My mom talked a little and then ran off to her room, "I'll be right back."  She would say and a few minutes later she came back dressed in a different top.

Finally, she was able to sit with us.  She likes her new buddy.  My mom brought her in to her room to show her pictures of herself when she was younger and beautiful.  She also showed her a picture of herself when she was pregnant with my brother Marty and her High School yearbook from 1947.

The respite care giver was awesome, she knew how to talk to my mom.  My mom quickly warmed up to her and then my mom took her for a walk out in the back yard.  In the yard, the respite worker got to meet my family, all of them, both living and dead.

My mom likes the Visiting Angels.  Tuesday she's coming at 10 am for 5 hours.  She is an energetic care giver, one who will swim with my mom or take her out to a store for a little shopping spree.  I have a break coming, it's scheduled!

Thank God for angels, especially the living kind.

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  1. Awesome! Sounds like your mom's going to be in great hands and you'll get the much needed break you deserve!

    any plans for all this free time?