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21 June 2010

Life Happens and Nothing Lasts Forever

The weekend is over and life will resume some normalcy where my mom is concerned.  It's sad to see her confusion and how she mixes reality and dreams, not knowing where the line between the two exists.  

She asks lots of questions, repeating some until her mind gets the answer that it wants to hear.  

"Hey, look at the elephant over there, can you see it?" Is a question my mom asks often.  In my mom's mind we've had giraffe's, horses, elephants and tigers in the backyard.  The accepted answer, "Nope, can't see it but you can because of your magic eye."

Today we see her Neurologist.  She'll have the test that's given to Alzheimer's patients again.  We'll learn how much she's declined over the last six months.  It will be interesting to see how she does on the test, especially since she's been taking coconut oil supplements and I've been cooking with cold pressed virgin coconut oil.

My mom's hallucinations have changed in the last six months.  She sees dead family members all the time.  She has conversations with priests and nuns that visit her on the patio.  My mom insists that her friends are hungry.  She is beginning to leave her food for her "friends."  Food that doesn't get eaten of course.

My mom's speech is way better than her initial test.  She can find her words more readily, thanks to Dr. Barton's help with prescribing supplements that help with brain cognition.

This afternoon I'll call the Visiting Angels, my husband is taking the day off to keep an eye on my mom so that I can make phone calls which will initiate needed respite.  My mother-in-law offered to sit with my mom for a couple of hours on days when I need to get away for a short time to do something for myself like get a dollar a minute massage at the mall.  My MIL thought that I didn't trust her to stay with my mom, but that wasn't the reason I haven't asked her for help... I didn't want to impose.  

My MIL misses Jay a lot.  She told me that Jay makes her feel calm and she wants her to come back.  I do too.  So does my husband.  Jay helped me just by being here.  

I called Jay yesterday at my cousins.  I asked her if she would come back.  She's coming back next weekend.  I feel so much better knowing Jay is returning.  I've been working on my mom.  I told her that Jay is Rachel's buddy and that my sister is going to get her a buddy.   This made my mom happy.  My mom is thrilled that my sister is helping me, when I told her the news, my mom gave me a big smile followed by a very big hug.

Life happens and noting lasts forever, not even my mom's insanity.

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