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01 June 2010

Once Again... Thank You Dream Master!

"Spsts!"  I hear my mom motion to me from behind the corner as I stood in the kitchen cleaning the dinner dishes.

"What's wrong Ma?"  I said inquisitively.

"I can't go in there... he's there!" She exclaimed, frightened.

"Who?"  I said to her.

"Him!  You know, THE MAN!"  She replied with worry but in a very low voice.  After all, she didn't want "him" to hear her.

"Do you want me to go into your room first?  Come on, follow me."  I said to her with confidence of an army of millions.

My mom shook her head yes and stepped aside so that I could lead the way.

Before entering her room, I turned to her and whispered, playing along with her belief in her hallucination.... "Do you want to do the rock ceremony and send him to hell?"

"Oh no" she whispered back.

"How about purgatory?  We can send him to purgatory for all eternity?"  I answered back.

"No, I don't want him hurt... do you know who he is?"  She said to me with fright in her eyes as though she was frightened of an assailant.

I shook my head with a NO gesture as she replied, "He's the one who molested me.  Didn't I tell you about that?"

"Well, let's send the bastard to freakin Hell NOW!"  I whispered to her with a stern angry looking face.

"No, no, don't hurt him.  He could hurt me more for hurting him.  He's like a Mafia type guy.  I'm scared of him."  My mom was scared shit-less.

"Ok.  How about I scare the shit out of him and threaten him with Purgatory?"  I said to her in a very low voice, as though we were talking in church or some other sacred place.

"Yes, that's a great idea!"  My mom said as she followed me into her room.

"Ok you asshole!"  I screamed.  "I am so sick and tired of you scaring my mom.  If you don't leave her alone right now, I will send you to Hell to rest in all of eternity with your Evil Bitches!"  I turned to see my mom, she still looked worried.

My mom was standing next to me as though I was her big sister ready to kick the crap out of some bully.  I then turned to my mom and said, "You know, I could call Dream Master.  This is an emergency."

My mom shook her head yes and I picked up the "special orange phone" in her room and dialed Dream Master with all the special button presses and pauses.  I would listen, press a few more numbers... I did this a few times.

"Hello?  Dream Master?  My mom is having a problem.  {pause}  Oh! OK... that would be super.  {smiled at my mom as I shook my head yes} HA HA HA HA HA... {more pause}  Ok... thanks Dream Master.  Oh, my dad says hello and is wondering why we haven't replied?  Well, my fault, I haven't had a chance.  We will write soon.  Thank you... my mom will be really happy, now she can rest."  I finished my conversation with Dream Master and hung up.

"Ok Ma, you should be fine now, Dream Master is taking care of everything."  I said to my mom.

"Oh, thank you."  My mom's worried face became calm.  I gave her all of her night time supplements and off she drifted into Dreamland where Dream Master and my Dad are watching over my mom.

Thank you Dream Master!

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  1. Morning Update: My mom woke up happy. She told me that "the Man" is gone, he didn't bother her all night. She was relieved that "everyone" knows that it wasn't her, that it was "the Man" who didn't really want to hurt her.

    She also told me that "they" told her to take the Strawberry Pot off the deck railing because "John" is gone, the young man who sat on the flower pot; the one she would have conversations with and even brought a wet face cloth to "him" one day when it was really hot outside.

    My mom worried about the young man in the flower pot that she called John. He was gone this morning and she was a little concerned. I told her that she helped John get his wings and fly back to God.

    My mom is in a very happy mood this morning... Once again, Thank you Dream Master!