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13 June 2010

A Blessing Named Jay

The last week has been a little intense at times.  Jay was very sick and she was worried about her cataract surgery.  She drove me a little nuts.

All week I fed Jay nutritious foods, a little at a time, all day long.  Initially she could barely eat, a tell tale sign that she had been literally starving.

Jay is a stubborn old woman, she knows what she wants and doesn't like anyone telling her what to do.  Jay has always been independent and hated to ask anyone for help.  For years she wouldn't let us into her apartment we'd always meet her at the curb and she'd get into the car.  Jay would never stay over night at any relatives home, not even mine, the home where her best friend lived (and still does), my mom.

For Jay to call me and ask for help, she must have been worried and knew that she needed it.  She asked for cat food for her cats.  It was this call that gave me the opening to see how she was living.

Jay has mold issues, issues that I believe are making her very sick.  I believe a lot of her health problems developed because of the mold.  Her eye lids around her eyes were always pink, a symptom of mold; the pink is now gone.  Her body was becoming weak and her mind was slipping.  Jay was showing signs of neurological damage, another symptom of mold; Jay was hallucinating and couldn't remember anything.

Jay has 2 cats that are still in the apartment.  Tomorrow the cats have an appointment at our cats veterinarian to check their health.  The cats run and hide from people, a sign that the animal is sick.  I do hope we can help her cats get better, she loves her animals.  Jay and her animals will be here with me for a few weeks so that I can help them to restore their health while Jay's house is being repaired.

Jay's dementia symptoms are less and less every day.  She is getting stronger.  She's walking better and a little faster, but still walking very slow.  She's laughing and talking again.  Yesterday she had me dial the phone for her for a few hours.  She talked with everyone.  My sister Ann, my cousin Linda, her friend Lorraine and my cousin Jess.  She laughed a lot.

Jay's face is getting a rosy color again.  When she arrived 9 days ago her skin was gray and yellow.  She looked horrible.  I was afraid she was going to die.  My mom, she actually thought she died a couple of times last weekend, running to find my husband or me to check that she was breathing.  Jay was alive every time.

I'm grateful for Jay and all that she does to help me with my mom.  I am able to do things around the house with Jay here because she keeps my mom company.  Jay goes along with the explanations that I give my mom about all the "weddings" that she sees being performed in my backyard.  I tell my mom that she's not seeing a wedding but all the good souls getting their wings so that they can fly up to be with God.  Jay likes my explanations.

So many great things have been happening since Jay arrived.  The best was getting an email note from my sister, the sister that I've been missing a lot.  Long story short, my sister is back in my life.  Jay believes that she had something to do with my sister's change of heart.  I let her believe this because it made her feel so happy to give me something that I wanted very badly... my birth family to be in my life.

Today, I'm happy and my house has the vibe that I remember living in when my dad was alive.  I can't explain the energy.  It feels like Baci is alive too.  I feel all of my family who have passed, here in my house.

I'm grateful for Jay.  My mission is to get her healthy again, so that she can live in her apartment with her cats. She would be able to walk to her church and her favorite supermarket.  She promised to come to my house a couple of days a week to help me with my mom so that I can have some respite.

I'm teaching Jay how to cook for herself with herbs and fresh vegetables.  Yesterday she helped me make turkey meatballs; we had spaghetti and meatballs, her favorite.  Jay ate seconds!  I made the dish with gluten free spaghetti and no breadcrumbs in the meatballs.  Dinner was fabulous.  Jay told me that it's been her favorite meal so far.

My personal prayers were answered through a blessing named Jay.

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  1. When you first started writing about your aunt, it seemed that she might become just like your mom and unable to be on her own. It is thrilling that she is getting better and even turning out to give you some respite!