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20 January 2010

Why Worrying Is Silly

We all worry at one time or another for different reasons, but primarily everything that we worry about leads to self preservation.  Even worrying about your kids is a form of self-preservation. The reason people have kids is because they want to reproduce their likeness into the world.

Creating children is a way for people to carry on.  Often I wonder if it's hard coded into our DNA, the need to pro-create and bring mini-xyz's into the world.  Is it a love affair with self that is the underlying reason that people have kids on purpose?

Kids are great.  I love being around them, they are funny little humans.  My point to this post isn't bashing people for having kids, it's my way of describing how worrying about your kids is a form of self preservation. 

Worry of any kind is silly. 

Worrying is silly, the latest lesson that I'm learning from knowing my mother my entire life.  Her greatest fear was "The Crazy Gene."  She worried constantly that she would get it or worse, one of her off spring would come down with it. 

Was my mom sealing her fate to having the Crazy Gene because she worried about it so much?

Worry brings a bad thought into reality.  Something causes us to be paranoid and have crazy thoughts, but the crazy thoughts that don't go away are soon fed with strong emotion and eventually manifest. 

Observing my mother my entire life, learning from her, both good and bad habits, I feel extremely fortunate to watch her live through her final scenes of life.  I see her fears as well as her deepest desires manifesting. 

Unfortunately, she worried so much about the crazy gene, it happened to her.  The only way her fear would manifest with any of her kids is if she got any of us to believe in her fear, that we were susceptible to the crazy gene.

My mom worried that she would pass on the crazy gene to her kids.  What a silly thing to worry about... everything is silly to expend worry energy toward.  Worry seems to make bad stuff appear so what's the point, how is this helping me to achieve my goal of happiness? 

Starting today, I'm done with worrying.

When we worry, we are creating a thought, a negative thought.  We fill it with strong emotion.  The more we worry about the event or thing that hasn't happened yet, the more power we are feeding the thought.  The more power the thought has, the strong emotions and beliefs, make the object of the worry, happen.

Worrying about a test is an everyday example that we can all understand.  I can remember worrying about a Calculus test, the entire time I was trying to study, I was worrying.  I failed the test, even though I sat with my books open for hours on end.  The problem was my mind and how I thought about the test.  If I had only focus on doing well, I am convinced that I would have been a much better student in calculus.

Throughout my own life I've worried about my parents dying in their sleep.  I have been checking on my mom, making sure that she's still breathing for as long as I can remember.  She hasn't died in her sleep yet but I believe that I've worried about this for almost 50 years so it's got to be her fate.  Only time will tell.

In the past, I've worried about doing a good job at work.  I would work hours upon hours to hone my skills, so that I would be the best in my field or work.  I often did well when I was confident in myself, where I believed in my personal power to achieve whatever it is that I set out to do.  But, it always took me awhile to get to this point of being the best.  Why?  Because I was so darn worried about what everyone else thought of me instead of what I thought of myself.

Even when I achieved my goal, was I really the best?  Of course.  If I believe something is true, it's true.  There's no changing anyone's mind once they believe something to be true.  Take the Massachusetts Special Election, perfect example where people believed the propaganda that is fed to us, 24 hours a day on TV.  A TV with special interests to get our money and take our power.  

This morning my husband and I were discussing the election disaster and why it happened.  We got on the subject of the TV and how it controls how people think.  If the TV tells us something, we will believe it.  It's called the power of suggestion. 

Minds are suggestible. 

We want patterns and things to be easy.  We have a way of making things logical by finding clues that line up with our beliefs, even if the clues are false, it doesn't matter.  We learn from watching each other.  We want group approval, it's how we are as humans, we are social creatures that need each other.

My husband summed up what is happening perfectly when he said, "George Orwell, in "1984" had it backward.  The TV isn't watching us, we are watching the TV taking all of it's commands and believing that it's the truth."

So, in defense of my fellow residents of Massachusetts, we didn't have a chance in hell to save the Democratic Senate Seat that was formerly held by Senator Kennedy, in my opinion, Senator Kennedy was the last real Democrat. 

The reason I claim that we didn't have a chance to know the truth is because I have observed the bullshit that is fed to people on TV.  We are constantly told what to do, how to think, how to dress, what religion is the best, what junk food is "healthy" and which political candidate we should favor.

The preparation for the next hoax on the American people has begun.  The news models have begun to tell us the outcome for the mid-term elections.  The so called smart people have started to give us "predictions."  Of course they are predictions for the future, they are seeding the thoughts in their subjects brains now.  When humans are told something enough, we will believe it. 

Fear helps folks control other folks. 

Nuns used to control my grade school classes with fear.  Parents control children with fear.  The government controls us with fear, hell what do you think that stupid terror alert color coding system was all about?  To keep us thinking about fearful things like terrorist attacks.  It is easier to control people who are fearful.

Are you going to sit and worry about what the fear mongers want us to worry about next or are you going to shut them off and find the facts so that real change can take place.  We all want the same things in life, why do we need to be so divided? 

Worrying is silly, it creates the exact situations we want to avoid

A good way to get started on changing your course from a road of worry to one of optimism, is to focus on the outcome.  What do you want for YOU.  If we all focus on ourselves individually, control only ourselves, the worry will go away and we'll live in a happy world that each of us has created for ourselves.

Worrying is silly because it just makes your life suck.

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