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18 January 2010

When Thoughts Become Reality

I haven't given much thought lately toward the mind and how the mind brings on our experiences based on the thoughts that we have ... until yesterday.

My mom hasn't been feeling very well the last couple of days.  I don't know if she picked something up at Day Care or some other public place.  I do know that she's been more confused and demented.  I've noticed more confusion occurs when she isn't feeling well. 

Yesterday, thinking my mom was well enough to go out and she really wanted to go out shopping with our little family, we all loaded up in the car and drove to Costco.  First, we stopped for a lovely lunch and then we went on to our shopping destination.

My mom began to feel sick as soon as we got inside Costco.  I had her sit at the front of the store while I ran around and picked up the items that I needed to buy in bulk, paper towels, dish soap and toilet paper.  I had a list so it was easy, mostly because I had the list memorized.

My husband and mother-in-law both headed to areas of the store where they like to browse.  Me on the other hand, I was frantic after my husband walked off into the sea of TV's and I was left alone with my sick mom. 

4 people, all given an opportunity to have a similar shopping trip but circumstances for each created totally different experiences.

My mother in law and husband were having a great time strolling alone through the store, looking at stuff and digesting lunch.  A pleasant Sunday afternoon, both were enjoying themselves, both completely oblivious to my mom getting sick in the store and my cleaning it up.

I will spare details, they don't add to the theme of this post.  However, I will say my biggest fear manifested itself yesterday.  My fear originated as a thought that I first had when my mom came to live with me 12 years ago. 

Yesterday, it manifested itself.

What I learned through all of this is to be very careful what thoughts I hold, especially those thoughts that I find myself obsessively thinking and worrying about the outcome.  I know from experience that focusing on the end result will bring that result.

Looking back over the last 12 years, I saw myself living through the nightmare which I created in my mind.  For over a decade, I had pictured in my minds eye, with such strong emotion and belief that the thought materialized yesterday.  My poor mom.

Be careful how you think, thoughts are real, just waiting for strong emotion and passion to birth the idea.

Today I shift my focus toward peaceful thoughts.  When a worry or an upset comes my way, it's up to me to chose how I react.  The reaction is a catalyst to creating thoughts, both good and bad.  More and more I understand that no one can make me do anything, shit happens because I made it happen through my fear. 

Now I really understand when thoughts become reality and how I hold the key to my own personal happiness through the power of my mind.  It just takes one thought to either make a great day or bring you to your knees. 

What are you going to think about today?  How are you going to react?  Will you hold a grudge?  Will you chose love?  Your future happiness depends on what you do today to bring peace into your life.

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  1. That was a great post and so true too. I couldn't agree with you more and I find I often have to "shift" my thinking so it is more calm, peaceful, and optimistic, rather than filled with worries and fears. I fully believe we can bring on events and experiences based on our thoughts, and I'm so sorry your fear came to pass. I hope your mom is feeling better now and I hope are feel more peaceful too. Sometimes peace is hard to achieve, especially with a full plate like you have. Very insightful post.