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08 January 2010

A Gift of Time

Today is my mother-in-laws birthday, she is 86 but doesn't look it or act her age. Rachel is a very young 86 who does Crossword Puzzles and other puzzles like Suduko.  She is up on politics and has a computer that she knows how to use.  The computer fills her days with lots of enjoyment.

I'm grateful that she has a strong mind and a fairly healthy body.  Somedays, I really don't know what I'd do with out her help.  I love my Mother-in-love.

I love Birthdays. 

I love being with Birthday people.  Something about birthday's is magical, regardless of the weather or time of year.

Originally I told Rachel that I'd make her any dish she wanted.  She thought about it for a couple of days and told me that she didn't want me to cook, every meal is special that I make for her every day so it wouldn't be a treat.  She wanted me to take her shopping for shoes. 

First I thought, hmmm, let's go out for lunch.  Another thought... hmmmm... I wonder if Brian can suprise his mom and meet us at the restaurant.  That's exactly what we had planned this morning, the perfect gift for his mom, lunch and shopping. 

With this plan in place, I didn't need to prepare any lunch for my husband this morning, nor did I have to prepare lunch for the moms and me.  Let's see, who's birthday is it today? 

Once we were in the car I said, "Ok, we'll go to the restaurant first and then we'll go to the Off Broadway Shoe store and then to Roche Brothers for a few things for dinner with our last stop being the Mall."

Rachel, not liking the plan said, "Well, you need to go to the bank too.  Why don't we just go to the Bank first, then the shoe store and we can then have lunch."

"Oh no!" I thought to myself.  I can't argue with her, not today, it's her birthday and I have a rule, anything goes on your birthday.  I remember years ago owning a huge button that read:  TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT."   Definitely words that I live by and have lived by for decades.

My mother-in-law knows my rule and also knew that I wouldn't argue with her, it is her day and she calls all the shots.

I had to spill the beans. 

"Ummm, well you see, we have to go to the Restaurant first.  Brian is meeting us there for lunch as a surprise for your birthday." I said to her sheepishly.

I don't know if she looked surprised or disappointed because the surprise was ruined. 

We got to the parking lot of the restaurant and I found a parking spot up close, the spot next to the handicapped parking.  I said to Rachel, "Wow, Birthday Magic, we got a spot."

Rachel said, "Ya, and you didn't have to do your Hail Mary thing."  Every time we go out shopping and I can't find a parking spot I sing a little jingle that my pen pal's mother sings when she's looking for a parking space it goes like this:

"Hail Mary Full of Grace, Help Me Find a Parking Space!"

Today I didn't need Mary's help, it was Rachel's birthday.  Birthday Magic must over ride asking Mary for a parking space because we got a great spot.

In any event, we had a nice lunch, the 4 of us.  The waitress was awful, she forgot about us and I kept having to get up and ask for things.  It took forever for her to give us our bill so that we could pay and get on our way.  Obviously the women didn't realize that she was holding us up from shoe shopping, or she may have been more attentive toward us.
I love Shoes.

Brian went back to work and the moms and I went on a shoe shopping mission.  Again we got a great parking space and once more, no need to bother Mary for a parking space.  Yay Rachel!

The shoe store didn't have anything for my mom or me.  Rachel found a cute pair of shoes which she bought.  I was happy that she found a pair.

Our next stop was the supermarket to pick up a few items for dinner.  The three of us quickly ran around the store, picking up the things we all wanted.  I still can't believe that we were in and out within 20 minutes, that is a record for us.

Now, it was snowing.  The girls were getting tired so we headed back home.  I promised Rachel to take her to the Mall one day next week.  Maybe we can pick up Jay and bring her along too.  Jay couldn't make it today.

Rachel had a great birthday.  She told me on the drive home that she thought she wanted to be left alone today but she's glad I insisted on spending the day with her, she had a great birthday.  Much better than she imagined.

I couldn't buy her anything, I don't have a job.  All I could give her was some of my time.  In hindsight, the gift of time to any senior is more valuable than anything that money can buy. I'm happy to spend my time on the people I love because in the end, everyone is left happy.

Next time you don't know what to get for someone who has everything or doesn't need anything, give them your time;  there's no better present than the gift of time.

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