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30 January 2010

The Puzzle: If You Can't See Me, Do I Exist?

My father would often say to me, "Susie, the only one that you know really exists is yourself.  How do you know anyone else exists, especially once we leave the room.  If you can't see me, do I exist?"

I can remember attempting to answer my Dad's question, "Of course you exist.  I know you exist, that's how." 

"Really?  How can you be sure?  How do you know that I'm not just a figment of your imagination?  How can you be certain that once everyone is gone, they're still there?"  My dad would continue, asking questions that would make me reconsider my definitive answer to his question.

For 30+ years I've pondered this idea that my dad seeded in my young mind, searching for the answer to this simple question, I found the answer to a bigger question, "Who Am I?"

Did my dad know that he was giving me a Zen KONE which would trigger thoughts and ideas that would span my lifetime?  Thoughts that would eventually lead me to find my I AM presence. 

I Exist!

The only person that I can ever count on is myself.  It's the same for everyone, we can only depend on ourselves in our pursuit of peace, happiness and love.  Yes, when we are together as a group, it's powerful and we can create an energy of peace, happiness and love that we can all bath ourselves in.  Together in unity we are able to move mountains and make changes that normally would be deemed impossible. 


Family unity... family is a unit of individual souls that chose to take life together.  I believe we pick our families before we even get to Earth.  We chose them because these are the special people that are in our lives to help our spirits grow and move closer to re-uniting with the ONE, God.  I believe our families provide opportunities to help us to expand our hearts and grow.

I believe there's a piece of God in every human on this planet and our soul's mission is to travel through time, live and figure out how to reunite with all the other sparks of God who have already made it back to the big huge ball of Love... God.

If we can't see God, how do we know God exists? 

I know God exists because I exist, I have God inside of me.  You have God inside of you.  I'm not refering to Scary God in the fear sense, like most Christian religions will lead us to believe, but GOD, a happy and loving God.  A God that wants to give us true bliss and happiness.

Once I realized that God is within me, the fear of God that was instilled in me since attending Catholic School as a child, was lifted.  God is not to be feared, we are to be afraid of ourselves.


We all are God in my belief system, each of us creators of our own lives and happiness.  I know God exists because I exist.  I create my happiness.  I create my sadness.  I chose how I will perceive other God's that I interact with all day long, but the most important component of happiness is not putting other God's before me. 

Now, I ask you this question, "If you can't see me, do I exist?"


  1. Wow. Another great post. I wholeheartedly agree with every bit of it. I feel just as you do. God is within me. Within all of us. And I know God exists because I exist.

    I'm glad you exist and glad I do too! :)

  2. Thank you Arielle!

    I love writing pieces that make us think.