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20 January 2010

The Black Lady: Jo's New Nurse

“Shhhhh...” My mom whisphered to me, with wild eyes as though she was really seeing someone.

"The black lady, she is over there, she sat in the chair over there and I think she's mad." My mom continued with conviction in what she was seeing. “Do you see her?”

I said, "Ma, hmmm, I don’t see her… what are you talking about? Why would she be mad? Is it the Haitian Nurse?"  Inquisitively I asked.

My mom said, "I think so."

I replied, "Ohhhhhh, then don't worry, she's upset about her family losing everything in Haiti because of the Earthquake in her homeland, you've been seeing a lot of it on TV. You'd be mad too, wouldn't you?  She's a lovely nurse. You are fortunate to have a Haitian nurse; they are some of the best care givers on the planet and have so much to teach us.  I try to be like a Haitian nurse, they are the best nurses, even better than me.  Relax, she's new and really likes you. Give her a chance, relax Ma, give her a chance ... ok?"

"Ok Susie. Her shift must be over, she's gone now. Good night. I love you." My mom said nonchalant.

"Good night Ma. I love you too. Tomorrow if you feel better we'll go to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things." I replied with the hope of giving her happy dreams to carry her through to sunrise.


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  2. You said exactly the right thing. Isn't that amazing? :) I think you are a fabulous daughter.

  3. It's awesome when I come up with good stories. Good thing I'm a born actress!

  4. I agree with the first commenter...you are a fabulous daughter. So often we're told to re-orient the patient.

    Eventually, you have to do what works best for you and your situation.

    You and your mom work well together. You seem so level headed and uneasily flustered or "wool-gathered" (some weird description my grandmother used for ppl running around like chickens with the head's cut off)...lol

    what a rambling comment :o