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07 January 2010

Jay's Prayer

Last night, I called Jay.  It was a spiritual emergency.  I needed her to call God from her prayer chair and help her little Josie.

Jay Prayed.

Jay and my mom have been best of friends since my mom became Jay's Sister-in-law. 

Every Sunday my dad would drive us to Chelsea to visit Jay and my Grandmother.  Jay was Baci's caregiver; I learned first hand as a little girl what I'm supposed to do as an adult... take care of my parents.  It's the logical thing to do, care for our own, there's even a commandment that covers it, "honor thy mother and father."

Yersterday, my mom took all the supplements and the berry juice that our ND prescribed.  I gave my mom some helleborus last night when she asked me if I could see the lady sitting in her chair; the hallucinations stopped.  As day turned to night, my mom's wild eyes softened.  I watched her come back to life after taking the 4th dose of Cognifactor.  She'll take it 3 times a day, before each meal. 

Today my mom is having a good day.  She woke up at 4:30am, a little early but not like the previous nights where she was up walking around all night long.  This morning we visit the eye doctor.  They want to do cataract surgery on her.  She's been taking supplements that are supposed to help dissolve the cataract.  Today we'll find out if it's working.  I think it is.  My mom hasn't complained about not being able to see in a couple of months.

Jay's prayer for my mom appears to have worked,

Or was it Shakti who slept with my mom for most of the night?

Or... was it just the Cognifactor kicking in? 

In any event, Jo is back!  Thank God.

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