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13 January 2010

A New Beginning . . . I Got a Job!

Last week a former colleague called and asked me if I could do some consulting work from home.  After thinking about it for a fraction of a second I said, "YES!"

I was to start with a 4 week consulting engagement that would start on the 8th.  Yesterday he asked me if I could start on Monday.

My mom is set up with a Day Care for $56 a day and I have a job.  A glorious job where I can use my mind to think of things other than chasing away my mom's hallucinations.  I'm excited.  I will be able to earn money again.  It's been way too long. 

My mom on the other hand, she's not so excited.  She knows that I need to work, but she doesn't want to go to the Blaire House anymore.  She thinks she can stay home while I work from home.  We used to have this arrangement when we lived in my house, the house I bought for the 2 of us to live in, long before I met my husband.  At that time my mom could handle the remote control for the TV to change channels and select shows from the channel guide. 

Now, she struggles with the remote, she requires assistance.  She falls asleep during the day and wakes up screaming sometimes, looking for me frantically, worried that I left her or I'm in trouble.  I do hope that I can help her to understand that the Day Care is a great alternative to going to a nursing home as a permanent resident.

Today my mother thinks that I'm going to put her in a nursing home.  She's pouting and getting herself worked up, creating a false reality based on her fear.  We've been on this road before, time will help.

Talking to her doesn't do much good, not with a demented mind.  Her logic is irrational.  Yes means no and no means yes in her world.  We are treading on new ground, but we have to because I GOT A JOB!

I haven't worked in almost 2 years, well not a regular job where I get paid.  I have worked but a different kind of work, care giving.  Now, I get to do caregiving and a job with the help of Adult Day Health.  The only troulbe that could rear it's head is my mom not wanting to go.  She can be a collossal bitch. 

Today I told her that she has no choice, she's going, she has to go somewhere during the day because I need to work.  She tried to tell me that it was "too expensive."  I told her that it was not very expensive when one hour of my working a real job will pay for one day; this is worth it. 

I don't know if I scared her by continuing on, but I told her the other alternative is she goes to live in a place like the place her brother is living.  I don't know if she heard anything that I had said after the nursing home comment, but I continued and told her that I prefer to have her sleep here because it allows me to prepare food for her which is an important part of her healthcare plan.

Time will ease her mind when she sees that she comes home here every day.  The first day I took her to Blaire House she thought I was leaving her off for good.  I showed up a few minutes late which didn't ease her fear, but none the less, she came home with me.

Friday she'll go to Blaire House for the day.  Hubby took the day off and we're going for massages.  On Friday, my husband and I will celebrate my new job, it's a new beginning, a beginning that I've been waiting a long time to arrive.  I got a job!


  1. Congratulations on your new job and choice to send your mother to an adult day center.