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28 January 2010

Dead Ed is Our New Tenant

My mom had a fairly good day today.  She's declining, I can see it.  I had her get on her Wii Fit today and she couldn't do the measurement and balance parts of the Wii Fit.  Not too long ago, she was so much more with it.  It bummed me out in a big way to see her decline.  My heart sank.  She couldn't do what she could.
Use it or lose it!

It was only 49 days since she got on her Wii Fit.  She's lost 11 pounds in 49 days.  She's in the normal range.  Her Mini-Wii-Mii did a jump for joy with a little fan fare. My mom was so pleased with herself.  She stood a little taller and did a little wiggle.  It was the cutest little dance. 

She is excited to weigh 131 lbs.  She does look fabulous these days.  All of my old cloths are too big for her now.  She is in a size medium... she is EXCITED to be in a medium.  I'm happy for my mom. 

Being her ideal weight has been her deep desire for decades; one of the must do items before she dies.  It will be great for her to reach this goal before it's time for her to take the magic limo out of this insane planet.

She could only exercise for 5 minutes today.  That's OK.  5 minutes is better than no minutes.  Tomorrow, we'll do 5 more minutes.

Tonight, she talked about my brother Ed A LOT!  He has been with her all day. 

Tonight, he was sleeping in bed next to her.  She told me that Ed has been helping people... but he's troubled.  I tried to have her tell me what was troubling Ed but, she just couldn't form the words.

Ed was sitting in the big leather recliner in her room.  "See his toes... over there, see them?' She exclaimed to me, hoping that I'd validate her vision. 

"I don't see Ed's toes."  I said, obviously not thinking. 

"Really?  Look!  Right there... Eddie's got his toes sticking out. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!... SUSIE, DON'T YOU SEE THEM.  IT'S SO FUNNY!"

Knowing that the best thing was to just go along with the hallucination I said, "Oh ya... Hey Ed!  You have funny toes.  They're making Ma laugh.  It's time for bed.  You have got to stop joking around.  Why don't you go downstairs and keep Brian company."

My mom was trying to say something to me, finding her words was impossible, she looked off into some unknown place, looking for the words to help me to understand what she was thinking.  Nothing came to her... "never mind."  She said with dismay.

I asked open ended questions, trying to trigger a memory.  She then said, "Ed, he lives here you know.  He went downstairs.  He lives downstairs in this house.  He's always here.  I love having Ed here."

Ed, my dear dead brother, living in my house... fucking excellent! 

I told my mom, "Here, take these 4 helleborus pellets.... Ed... I'm wicked sorry dude but I am giving Ma the pellets so that she can settle down and sleep.  I want you to come downstairs with me.... Oh?  You willl.  Awesome!"  Talking into the air, mustering up all the acting skills I could in order to be believable to my mom.

"Ma I'm heating up dinner for Brian, I'll be right back." I said to her without skipping a beat.

She said, "Oh, bring Ed with you, I know he'll like to sit with Brian.  Ed is hungry.  Will you feed Ed too?"

"Oh Ma, you know...., Ed doesn't eat human food, he eats Angel food now that helps him to fly."  I said to her with my most convincing voice.

My mom's face softened as she had an "aha!" moment... "good night Susie." she said to me. 

"Good night Ma, Sleep with God."


  1. Definitely stand by my previous comment that you are a fabulous daughter. Good for your mom for reaching her goals. And good for you for being so loving and accommodating always. :)

    Hi, Ed! ;)

  2. Thanks Arielle... Ed says "Right back at-cha!"