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08 November 2010

While We Wait ...

What caption would you put on this picture?

"Look into my eyes... look deep into my eyes... you are getting sleepy, very sleepy.  At the count of 3, you will run into the kitchen and get us treats."


  1. Not many people know it, but this is how the term "headlights" came into fashion for the name of lights on automobiles. In fact the term Car was originally cat but because of poor penmanship it became car.
    This Marty Makeup Fact minute was brought to you by..the letters "T" and "R".

  2. Its a little creepy! I'm not sure I would turn my back on them. lol

  3. Anonymous... you could only be my dear brother Marty with the best Marty Makeup Facts EVER!

    @ Kim... you definitely don't want to turn your back on Savita the cat...she's the one with yellow eyes.