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01 November 2010

Warning - Blogs Are Being Hijacked By Spammers!

One of my favorite blogs to visit is by Blogitse because she takes such interesting pictures.

Today I started to read all of my favorite blogs in my reader.  I removed the blogs that I follow from my main page because I want to begin making my site better by classifying all my posts, including the ones that I follow.

I began reading... came to Blogitse and noticed that she's having an issue with her blog.  If you go to it, you will be taken to another site, not Blogitse!

I did a google search to find out about blogs being hijacked and sure enough, there's a scummy program out that uses your blog to move to the top of search engines.  I went and found out that the "bastahds" (spoken in Boston) claim you don't have to "do all the work of an SEO."

My friend at Blogitse, I can't email her because I can't stay on her page long enough with out it being hijacked.

If it happens to you, here's how to fix it:


Blogitse... I hope you see this blog post!!!


  1. THANK YOU!!!!
    I got several suggestions but this is super news - I'm (hopefully) able to solve the problem! (or a guy who's helping me)

    I let you know when this is over..........

  2. My friend scanned all my blogs and they should be free of spam or viruses.
    If you still have difficulties please let me know, thank you!

  3. Blogitse... it worked! I can now get to your site without a problem.

    Your most recent post about the traffic in Casa is fascinating. The pictures you took really do capture the scary vibe... especially the woman running across the street pushing a baby stroller.