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15 November 2010

Peace Is Here, Alas!

Peace has arrived in our home.  My mom is happy and doesn't see me as her enemy but her friend.  Hugs.  Lots of hugs are back, she hugs me, I hug her; peace is here, alas!

We have help coming, lots of help.  Today we meet with our Case Manager to find out exactly what we have available to help Ma stay home and out of a facility.

It's exciting to know that I won't have to Care Give alone with minimal breaks and even more exciting to know that my mom will get help.

My sister Donna has been a Godsend to me over the course of the last 3 years of caring for my mom.  She has taken my mom to give me a break, even if it was only a short time; it was welcomed.  There were times I was not as appreciative as I should have been with my sister, for that I'm sorry.  Stress clouded my gratitude.

Looking back, if she didn't help when she could, I never would be where I am right now with our mom.  She helped carry the burden when it was just too heavy and making me feel as though I was drowning.  Thank you Don, thank you for all that you have done and do.  I appreciate everything.

Yesterday, Donna took Ma for the day.  She also took Jay for the day.  Both seniors in our lives had a great day; when asked, my mom said that she had an A+ day.

Sandwiches, surprise visit from Amy (my mom's only Granddaughter) and Scott (one of Mom's 4 grandsons) was even home.  An exhausted mom returned around 5pm with a very soft voice, barely enough energy to speak.  "I need my bed."  She was able to squeak as she slowly walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

Brian and I, we had a fantastic day too.  Amy had given me a gift certificate for my birthday a few months ago; I lost it.  For weeks I've been looking for the gift card, it was no where that I was looking.  I sat quietly yesterday, wondering and asking myself, "Where did you put it?"

I visualized the day that I got the card and remembered where I had read it.  I had sat in my favorite chair and sobbed the day that I had received the present from Amy, totally unexpected and definitely welcomed.  I had no idea when we could use the gift but I knew that we would one day.

Yesterday, I remembered like a flash of a movie trailer and found it.  I found the card!

Brian and I visited the restaurant, Polcari's.  The food was delicious.  Eating all stuff that we NEVER eat at home, hot fresh bread, pasta and creamy sauces.

Our meals covered our plates.  Huge portions that were big enough to feed a family.   Tiramasu.  Cappacino.  Ahhhhh, it was a great celebration.  I even had a glass of wine that tasted like nectar, delicious.

Thank you Ame, it was so nice to use your birthday gift.  We had a fantastic date, even sitting at the tiny date table in the restaurant.  We laughed.  Took pictures and gazed into each other's eyes, just like the early days of our dating.  Fun and romance filled our day.

Peace is here, alas!


  1. So glad you are at peace and your mother is being well taken care of!

  2. Thank you Missy. I was about ready to give up, but so glad that I didn't. The outcome is awesome... better than I could have imagined.