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27 December 2009

A Quick Trip to the Supermarket

Today we spent our time cleaning and rearranging rooms.  I'm using my Home Staging training to repurpose stuff in our home and bring the energy together better, so that it feels good in every room.

It was raining and foggy most of the day today so I wasn't in a hurry to rush to the market.  My mom was watching the Patriots anyway, I'd hate to interupt some of her fun time.  She loves the Patriots.  I think she loves them so much because they win all the time (well, most of the time.)

I cleaned one room that has been bothering me since I moved in.  We rearranged furniture did some repurposing and before I knew it, we were all sitting in there having a cup of tea, Brian, his mom, my mom and me.  It was so sweet.  It was our little family, really special, no one went running, everyone stayed and had tea.

The Patriots game finally ended and I had my mom come to the market with me to pick up a few things that I needed to make dinner. 

It was an uneventful trip until...

My mom and I were walking to the truck with our few groceries.  I had my mom hold the cart while I put the bags in the back seat.  She then put the cart in the cart coral.  Oh, she didn't do it like we would do it, she turned it around and made sure it was really straight but backward.  Now, the cart kid, the kid who comes out and gatherers the carts, he's going to hate pulling the cart out of the jam my mom put it in.  She believed she was doing something good, I didn't stop her.  Screw it.

I went over to the passenger side of the truck, waiting for my mom to come around so that I could help her into the front seat.  I saw her and yelled, "over here Ma!"  I watched her come to the passenger side.

As luck would have it, there was another SUV type truck next to me... a white one, like mine.  The back door was open.  The people were loading the back of their SUV with groceries.  I look and there's my mom, ready to climb into the back seat of this OTHER TRUCK! 

I yelled, "Ma!  Over here!"

The owner of the truck said, "No problem.  I'll give her a ride!" 

Oh, the thoughts that flashed through my head, the comeback lines, the vision of driving away ... FAST as my mom was sitting in the back seat of the wrong truck...


We all got a good laugh.  The guys wife said, "Oh, I know exactly ... my mom is the same way!"  We all laughed and laughed as my mom was buckling herself up in the front seat, oblivious to the brief moment of enjoyment she had given to these 2 strangers and me.

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