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01 December 2009

Hurry, the Lady... She's Leaving!

Doctors, especially new doctors freak my mom out so badly that it brings out Lewy.  My poor mom.

Yesterday we visited her Neurologist who gave us results of a test that my mom had taken to see how far along her AZ has progressed.

After the test, my mom came out of the room all flush and told me that she had a headache.  She told me that the test was really hard because she had to remember things.

I felt so badly for my mom.  I assured her that she did great and not to worry, there were no right or wrong answers, it was just a test so that Dr. B and Dr. S could help her to have more good days.

She did well on the recent memory portion of the test, getting 14 out of 16 correct.  Her speech areas seem to be affected, she has trouble with words.

My mom has a pacemaker so she can't have an MRI to see what's going on in her head, the magnets in the machine would kill her.  The only other thing her Neurologist suggested was a Catscan to see what is going on in her brain, if there's anything that shouldn't be there.

My mom began hallucinating yesterday afternoon, when we returned from the Neurologist.  Helleborous doesn't appear to be working very well to keep the spooks away.  It works temporarily.

This sort of tells me that I need to understand the cause of her upset, the underlying reason for the hallucinations.

My husband had a good theory, my mom is losing control of her own life.  When I agreed to the catscan yesterday, without really consulting her first, she got upset, she doesn't want the catscan.

This morning, I told her that she doesn't have to have it if she doesn't want to, it's her body and she has the last say over what happens to it.  Saying this to her made her feel a little better.

Last night my mom woke up at 10pm, all freaked out.  I was in the kitchen cleaning up after making such a huge mess putting dinner together.  My mom came in to the kitchen telling me that my father was in her room, that he didn't know that he was dead.  Of course I went to check and tucked her back in bed.  While she laid in bed she was clearly scared and nervous about something.  I waited for any clues as to what the problem could be.  It was my father's visit.  She believed that he was coming to take her to heaven.  Last night, she believed she was going to die. 

I did tell her that if she wanted to leave, she can leave.  I also assured her that I'd care for her, that she is safe here with my husband and me.  "Thank you dear" was her reply before she closed her eyes.

I gave her hypnosis, I suggested that she would find her purse in the morning.  That after breakfast, after she had eaten all her supplements, she would relax and remember.  I rubbed her back.  I gave her a little Reiki too as I stroked her head, just like her mom used to do to her and what she passed on to me.

My mom fell fast asleep.

I woke at 7am and my mom was sound asleep.  I didn't wake her.  I couldn't, she appeared to be sleeping peacefully.

8:30am I checked on her again.  She was sleeping but her body appeared to be twitching under the covers, her arm was flinching, her legs... she was doing what I've seen our cats do when they are sleeping and dreaming of chasing mice or running outside.

Not 5 minutes had passed when my mom screams and comes running out of her room.  She was upset.  The lady had come back, the lady that stole her purse.  She told her that someone was going to die.  She mentioned the name but forgot.

My mom, she rushed to the window, pulled up the shade and frantically hollered for me to stop her, to go and talk to her.  "Look!  Look!  There she goes.  Oh... hurry!  She's getting away."

I embraced my mom, trying to calm her with a hug and gentle strokes on her back.  She didn't want my hug, she wanted me to go and get the lady.

She sat up in her chair, slowly coming around.  She was in the middle of some nightmare when she woke.  She didn't know she was awake.  She asked me if she died.  It is all so confusing when my mom has an episode of hallucinations like she had this morning.

Now, she thinks the night time Susan, the nurse that is my imposter, who she likes better than me but "don't tell Sue", will make sense of everything.  She is waiting for me to come in her room tonight because she believe the nighttime Susan has all the right answers.

This gives me all day to listen to her and come up with positive suggestions that will help her to sleep.

I do expect her to sleep well tonight because she is seeing her Naturopath Doctor tomorrow, she loves him because he has helped her to feel much better.

We are fortunate to have such good doctors helping my mom through this insane disease that causes her to be frightened by hallucinations, the wild animals under her bed, the moving walls, the extra stairs that lead to nowhere, the strangers that just appear and steal her things, like ... "the Lady."

Yesterday, the hallucinations were talking to her while I was in the room.  This has never happened before, which I find odd.  She told me that her Infant of Prague statue was laughing at me because I didn't believe that they all exist.

Let's see how the rest of today goes... come back later for the continuing Saga of The Lady.

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