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09 June 2011

Where's Savita?

"Savita?!... Savitaaaaaaa..... here kitty!"  My mom called her cat yesterday.

Savita the cat has been with us since she was a little kitten.   A feisty black cat; I adopted her from a vet.  No one wanted Savita because she scratched.  She didn't like human hands and definitely will not tolerate any hand touching her to this day.

Feet?  Now feet are OK.  She will let you rub her with your foot.

I worried about my mom missing her cat.

Years ago I purchased a toy black kitten; it looked like Savita.  I sent it home with Brian as a joke so that he didn't miss Savita during the week.

The day after my mom was admitted to the nursing home, I thought of the stuffed black cat.  Maybe she'd like it if I could find it; maybe it would be a good stand in for the real Savita?  We searched the house and found it.

It worked!  Ma believes she has her cat Savita with her.
Savita travels around the home.  I never know where I'll find her but when I do and I give her back to my mom, mom smiles and says, "There you are?!"

Savita makes her way around the home... we never know where we will find her.


  1. I'm pleased that the toy has been so effective. It must be a comfort to her. I know the struggles you have had for so long so I hope the nursing home is a blessing for both of you. It still kind of makes me sad because I know this is a decision in my future.

  2. Kim, it's been the toughest thing I've had to do... Put mom in a home. I second guess myself with the facility I chose. It does get easier. My mom is getting the care she needs and I can't provide.

    My advice... Look for homes now and get on wait list.

  3. that is awesome! im glad it makes her happy ...

  4. Thanks, Slyde... I am happy too!