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26 June 2011

My Reward Has Manifested

It took vigilance on my part to get my mom up out of the wheelchair and walking again.  Initially, she didn't trust anyone to walk with her; she was scared.

Two weeks in a wheelchair began to weaken her legs; unable to hold up her weight on standing, she was becoming more agitated.  Agitation is never a good thing when it comes to Lewy Bodies Dementia.

Two days ago, Mom's nurse told me that I created a monster.  Mom walks a lot.  She frequently tries to get up when the home wants her to sit because no one is available to walk with her.  I walk with her as much as I can every day to help strengthen her legs and tire her out so that she sleeps at night.

I'll start working again soon; the job is waiting for me to start.  I'm ready.  I'm excited to join the world of paychecks again... it's been way too long.

Making money will allow me to pay someone to walk with my mom every day and set up an account with the home to pay for the hairdresser; every 2 weeks my mom is scheduled to get her hair done.  Mom has always enjoyed having her hair look nice.

Friday, I took her out to lunch.  She ate everything on her plate.  I couldn't believe how much she ate!  She ate unassisted without shaking as she picked up her coffee cup.  It was an awesome outing.  She was alert and talking full sentences to me.  We had a conversation; a true gift.

Mom is settled.  Her Care Giver during the day is a peach; Olga reminds us of Belkis.  My mom likes her a lot.  She likes all the people who help her.

I laugh when one of the residents who can't speak, squawks like a turkey when she sees me; my mom has begun to say with a snarky tone, "Awww, shud-up!"

It's great to see her doing so well in the home.  My reward for all of my efforts has manifested.  I am able to see her happy and smiling; big smiles every day.

I love visiting my mother.  We are having fun, just like I promised her we would.  I don't cry over the stress of caring for her; there's no need.  She's in a great place; I am living again.  My reward for caring for her has manifested, we made it through the storm.


  1. The story of you and your mom's journey over the last couple of years has been the best reality chronicles ever! Absolutely honest and excrutiatingly painful and frustrating, your days as her only caregiver have been a road filled with obstacles, some insurmountable. You deserve the payoff of having your mom in a safe place with caregivers who care almost as much as you do.

    What an inspiration you are!

  2. Thank you Mel for following my blog and our story. I wrote this blog for other care givers who find themselves in a similar predicament. My hope is that our experiences provide alternative solutions to help give everyone more good days.

    My role as my mom's care giver isn't over now that she's in a home. The true blessing for us is that we have a team of professionals to work with me to help my mom to continue to have some good days before her end of life day.

    Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Sue,

    I love reading about your mom's good days!! I love reading about your own peace of mind and that you can enjoy your time with her. What a devoted daughter you are.
    Well done !!

  4. Thanks Kathy!

    My wish for you is the same peace that I am enjoying.

    Care giving has become fun again.

    I love where my mom lives. She never asks to come home. I visit her everyday. She likes all the people around her.