I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

05 June 2011

Natural Treatments and Lewy Bodies Dementia: My Opinion

My mom had been on all natural remedies to treat all of her health conditions and symptoms from Lewy Bodies Dementia; Mom had a lot of good days.

I was ridiculed; to my face and behind my back.  Folks thought I was insane because I didn't have my mom on pharmaceutical drugs.  I was accused of having Bipolar Disorder because I refused to follow the leader.  Instead, I stood tall and I became the leader.

Fighting for what I believed was right, to give my mom the best end of life that I could; I bucked the system.  It was difficult and very stressful.  Traditional doctors added to my stress.

I learned a lot about traditional medicine and natural medicine.  I witnessed and documented everything; most of it is here within the pages of my blog.

Natural medicine works better than pharmaceuticals.  My mom was ambulatory right up to the day I brought her to the nursing home; she was on all natural remedies.

2 weeks ago, my mom and I took a walk in my back yard.

She began not eating well and falling every day.  I was able to get her to take the liquid medicines from a teaspoon and the powder supplements were mixed in applesauce.  She was feeding herself once I showed her how to use the spoon.  The natural remedies kept her alert.; they allowed me to wait for a bed in a nice home to open for her.

She walked herself into the nursing home; mad as can be, struggling to run away.  I felt horrible.  I couldn't believe that I was literally dragging my mom in to the place where she was going to die.  I was exhausted.  I couldn't care for her any longer; it wasn't safe... it hurt.  I didn't cry.

There was never a happy ending to this story with my mom and me; she would die no matter how many natural remedies she took, acupuncture, special foods, Reiki and hypnosis; all methods that we used consistently to help my mom.  However, I witnessed mom having lots of good days before we reached this pinnacle of our journey.

I learned.  I am wiser.

I believe in Natural Medicine first and pharmaceutical as the last resort.  Witnessing first hand the gentle power of natures medicine cabinet.

Today, my mom is on pharmaceuticals.  She is a vegetable.  She has no idea who I am anymore.  The decline was sudden.

It is difficult to watch my mom die, no matter how much I know that death is inevitable for all of us.  It's the cycle of life. I know this truth; it doesn't make it any easier.

We are born, we grow, we live, we learn, we love and then ... we die.



  1. Oh my God, Susan! That is so very sad. Actually, it's not only sad, it's awful and if the alternative wasn't so hard on you, I would say pull her back out of there immediately. Why can't some medical professionals learn that there are a multitude of ways to go when it comes to treatment of illness? Can't they see the change from her condition at admission to what you describe after less than a month in their care?? And yet, they know best??? Obviously not!

    It is absolutely criminal!! My heart is breaking for you and your mom.



  2. There are a few doctors who get it... But the majority are trained by pharma and won't go against their teachers.

    Natural Medicine is not a profit maker and can not be patented; of course it's poo poo'd by big pharma.

    If people knew the power of natural medicine, no one would take pharmaceuticals... Not good for business.

  3. Susan, I've been away from reading blogs for a while, but came by again and caught up on some of your more recent posts. I am so incredibly sorry to read about your mom and her decline. I have no words.

    I have watched both my grandfathers die of Lewy Bodies (dementia) and Pick's Disease (dementia) respectively... both in nursing homes... and it was awful beyond words. Neither one knew me in the end stages. My one grandfather didn't know me for about 2 whole years.

    I'm also currently a very PT caregiver for my in-laws, as I'm in the unique situation of being the almost 27 yr old daughter-in-law of two 82 yr olds... since my husband is a lot older than I am. It's rough - my father in law was arrested several weeks ago for threatening to kill my mother in law. He had actually gone out and bought a gun, unbeknown to us. He shoved her, he strangled her, and eventually called the cops on himself because he didn't want to succeed in killing her. The cops wanted him 302ed (involuntary committed), but eventually the hospital staff got him to sign himself in voluntarily and the whole matter was dropped (though the cops kept the gun and said he wouldn't get it back). He was on a locked psychiatric unit for 5 days and while I personally am certain he has beginning stages of some form of dementia, he was treated as though he had a psychiatric illness and given multiple new meds (anti depressants and anti pyschotics). He was sent home. They are still living together, in their home, allowing me to help them do certain things... but no dr will help revoke his driver's license... and we've been told he is "totally fine" and "just needed a break" - despite the fact that he drives and can't find his way home, goes to the store to buy things and ends up without his wallet, and has scary and sudden fits of what I call "dementia anger."

    Added to that, I'm currently in graduate school for my MSW (Masters in Social Work) and currently taking a Gerontology course.

    I realize I just spilled an entire tale here and babbled on and on... I'm sorry.

    Your dear entries are hitting me and I just want to give you a a hug. I'm reading and sending positive energy your way. I know you were on to something...and I'm sorry you are so helpless in the situation.

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  5. I have been thinking of you and your mother since you shared with us she was going into a home. I was afraid this would happen.
    I am sorry.
    I do not have the words to help you, but I am praying for you and your mother.
    Just try to stay strong and know you did the best for your mother...

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  7. Thank you Missy. She's much better now that she's used to the place. The short term stay ward was not the greatest. She thought I dumped her in a lousy place. When she was moved upstairs to the dementia unit, she began to realize that I came through and found her a good home.

    She is doing way better and I am finally beginning to relax.

    Thank you.

  8. Update: My mom appears to be getting better!

    Our ND may have found the solution to her Dementia symptoms... The amino acid L-Lysine, 1,000 mg 2 x per day. She has been on Lysine for only 5 days and today when the nurses asked her when her birthday is, she told them! She is walking taller and her facial expression is returning. My mom's coming back... It is like she is being born again.

    Natural medicines and whole food really do make a difference.

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