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23 June 2011

I'm Winning!

Mom, coloring like mad the other day... I'm winning!
Mom likes the people who take care of her.  She is settled and into a routine.

Tuesday, I walked in to see her.  The Activities woman smiled and said, "Oh, she's quite busy."  I looked and saw my mom coloring fast and furious.  It warmed my heart.

"Hi Ma, how are you?"  I said as I came close to her.

"I'm winning!"  She exclaimed as she continued to color orange all over a picture of an image of Strawberry Shortcake.

It's been warm these last few days.  The home is very sunny, which is perfect for folks like my mom with dementia; downside?  The rooms warm up fast.

Mom's not been sleeping in her room because it's too hot.  She'll only sleep when she is sitting in the hall in a recliner where it's cool.  Yesterday, I brought her an air conditioner for her bedroom window; it will be installed today.  Tonight she should sleep well in her room.

I am holding off giving her Trazadone to help her sleep because the next day when I see her she is a zombie; no fun to visit.

Tuesday, she was hot in the afternoon and took off her shirt.  The activity lady said, "Jo, there are men in here, you need to keep your shirt on."

My mom's reply?  "I don't give a shit!"

Sitting in her bra, not caring one bit; just like a kid.  The activities lady waited a few minutes and helped her put her shirt back on.

Ma is doing good... she likes where she lives and best of all, she's "WINNING!"  just like Charlie Sheen.

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  1. Oh I wish my mom was like yours. Mom went from that stage to the one she is in to fast. I also wish I could just go visit her and find her happy. I do hate the meds. that make mom a Zombie. Her meds are ok now but I have to give her less than the doc. wants but enough to keep her pain away. She is eating and sleeping and does not seem to be in pain so what more can I ask for.