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04 June 2011

How Did I Do It?

Mom... just before she started falling down all the time.
There is a life out there for my husband and me!

Care Giving for my mom... how did I do it?  How did I function, day in and day out with minimal sleep?  How did I clean up my mom's poo?

The anxiety that I felt every minute of every day... holy crap, HOW DID I DO IT!

How did I wake up every day, knowing that I could have to clean up a mountain of human feces before I even had a cup of coffee?

How did I answer all of my mom's questions about my dead relatives?  How did I make up stories to calm my mom when her hallucinations frightened her?

How did I do it?

How did I manage, caring for my mom when my mother-in-law was so nasty and mean toward me?

How did I care for my mom when she fought my assistance, assistance that she needed but didn't understand?

How did I do it?

How did I do all that I did by myself without much support from my family?

How did I overcome my anger and grief?

How did I do it?

I have given this question some considerable thought and the only answer I have is... LOVE.

The power of love allowed me to keep going, every day, facing one challenge after another.  Love is how I did it.  It's how all Care Giver's do what we do for the people in our care.

Love is what guided me toward placing my mom in a home.  I couldn't care for her any longer.  I needed a crew, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It was hard to bring my mom to the home.  I was forced to face one of my greatest fears, putting my mom in a nursing home.

Now that the first week is behind us, every day is easier.  I am more relaxed, sleeping through the night without my heart racing from fear; fear of what I'd find when I got to my mom.  Blood pressure has normalized.  I feel terrific.

How did I do it?  Love.


  1. Love and preservation of dignity for both of you. You are doing the most difficult things we children have to do. I don't know if I will have your grace when it comes to handling what needs to be handled and making decisions that have to be made. Thank you for sharing with us so we may be made to think about these things ahead of the big decisions.

  2. Thank you, Quilter Awakens! I can tell everyone this... Once you bring your ward to a home, you will breath easier. It's difficult, but we got through it.