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12 June 2011

Everyday Is Better and Better

I have been visiting my mom every day at different times of the day so that I can check on the level of care that she is receiving.

I show up unannounced.

The facility where I placed my mom is providing care, awesome care.  No matter what time of day I arrive, Mom's comfortable and has lots of people around.

Typically at 5pm, when my mom was living with me, she would not be able to function.  Hallucinations, falling, aggressive behaviors, agitation, extreme confusion and sleepiness became part of a normal day for us.  It was tough to handle day in and day out.

Yesterday, I visited my mom at 5pm.  I walked into the dinning room and witnessed a small miracle.  My mom was sitting at the table with her tray in front of her.  She was holding a ham sandwich, munching away, enjoying her food.  Mom was FEEDING HERSELF!  She had needed assistance eating for several weeks, yesterday she fed herself.

Mom saw me and she greeted me with a big smile and a "HIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I brought her a coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  She held the cup and drank it unassisted.  She didn't need a straw.  Unbelievable.  Mom is getting better.  I also brought her an ice cream, her favorite chocolate covered coconut ice cream bar.

Confined to a wheelchair, unable to stand and walk; Mom continues to try to stand, she forgets.  Everyday I visit, I attempt to get her to walk.  Yesterday, she stood but was scared; "I'm scared."  She said as I encouraged her to stand tall, to trust me... "I won't let you fall.  You can do it."

Thursday, my mom had her hair done at the hairdresser that visits the home every week.  It surely made her feel good.  Every week mom will have her hair done; something for her to look forward to.

Mom's doing better, every day she is better than the day before.  Unfortunately, she has a UTI; I didn't expect the doctor to listen to me with how we prevent them from occurring.  Part of me wonders if the doctor wanted to "see for herself."

Today I'll visit and bring her a coffee.  I'll also bring one for Ruth, a friendly resident who wheels herself around in her wheelchair.  She always sits with my mom and me when I arrive.  She loves Savita the Cat and laughs her head off when I make Savita "talk" to her.  Yesterday, Ruth spoke to me for the first time.  I didn't know that she could talk.  She's sweet.

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