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11 February 2010

A Reason to Love My Mother-in-law

Today my Mother-in-law did something that should surely give her a "frontsies backsies cut" to the front of the line once she gets to the Pearly Gates of Heaven. 

MIL noticed that my mom was aching to go outside so she asked her in a sweet voice, "Jo, would you like me to go for a little walk outside with you?"

My mother's reply, "I don't know if the boss will let me go." 

I then pipped up and said, 'Sure you can go, what a great idea.  Rachel can make sure that you find your way back home."

The mom's both put on their coats, hoods and gloves and headed out for a little walk down the street and around the corner.  It was just a 5 minute walk but to me it seemed much longer.  Probably because I found myself worrying about the two of them like a mother hen does over her chicks.

They returned, both of them happy and ready to do it again tomorrow.  I really do hope this becomes a regular habit, it will be good for both moms to get out alone together.


  1. What a nice thing for her to do! Random acts of kindness at work!!

  2. Nice indeed. I bet your mom really enjoyed it! thanks for giving them the stamp of approval "Boss"