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22 February 2010

The Gift of YOU Has Power

Yesterday, Marty visited Ma.  She was having a great day.  She made sure that she got dressed up for Marty and had me do her hair. 

Ma could find her words, so she was happy.  She loved sitting around with Marty, Brian and me. 

We gave her a little piece of a gluten and fat free treat... within seconds she was hallucinating.  We won't give her those treats anymore, too much sugar.  What was I thinking?

Yesterday, my mom had a super day.  She had a visit from her baby and boy, did the visit make her smile from the inside out.  Just look at her face in this picture. 


Thanks Marty... your visit meant more to Ma than you can imagine.  The gift of YOU has power.


  1. What a wonderful thing is happening for your mom and your family! She was gone away, but now she's home again. No matter how long this lasts, it is a time to treasure!!

  2. Mellodee... it is wonderful. It's a dream come true to have her back and able to once again laugh at my brother and husbands jokes.