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25 February 2010

Gluten Free Doesn't Mean Hallucination Free

We all enjoyed 6 wonderful days of my mom being free of paranoia.  The hypnosis recording works and it works well.  However, there's a lesson that I've learned,  hypnosis by itself isn't the magic bullet. 

The combination of a nutritious diet, free from gluten (gluten free - extremely limited) dairy, daily exercise and meditation is the proverbial "Magic Bullet."  For now anyway, this is my magic bullet to bringing my mom back, my real mom.  I love seeing my mom, my Ma and she loves being seen.

Yesterday my mom was bored, she found some organic blue corn chips in the cabinet... she ate a few chips.  Within minutes she was paranoid, worried that "the people" were stealing her safe and her money in her purse.

Paranoid Ma is a bit jolting.  It always feels like she's accusing me or someone else in my house (a living person) of stealing her things.  Mostly her money or her purse.  My sister was thoughtful and bought her a portable safe. I have a new job added to my already busy day, I get to chase around after the safe.  Now, my mom is paranoid not only about her purse but the f'ing safe too!

Yesterday, I was finally making progress with my job.  My mom came downstairs all worried about her safe.  She told me that it's gone, someone stole it, as she clutched her purse in both hands. 

I went upstairs to her room and opened her closet door.  There was a blanket on the floor.  I lifted the corner of the blanket and there was the safe.  I said, "Ma, your safe is right here, right where you put it when you were sleep walking." 

"Nope.  I didn't do it.  I didn't put the safe there.  It wasn't me..." My mom insisted. 

"Really?  Who do you think put it there?  No one comes in your room.  You are safe and secure here.  The only people in the house are you, Brian, Rachel and me, we don't need your money or your safe, we have our own."  I attempted to reason with her.  I don't know why I do, maybe I am hoping that a miracle will occur before my eyes and she'll regain her ability to reason.

People need to realize that the demented brain does not use logic or reason like a normal brain, it uses reverse logic.  My sister, I love her... she thought she was helping by getting my mom a safe so that she can lock up her money.  Any logical person would be able to handle a safe, but the demented person... no way.  Now, my mom worries about the safe, her purse and her money; giving her 2 places to lose her money.  The safe is giving her something to worry about at 3am waking her and me to find the safe and money.  I'm ready to throw the safe in the trash.

It has been stormy and rainy for a few days and we have a few more days of stormy weather ahead.  The lack of sunshine seems to have a negative affect on my mom.  Her blood pressure is always higher during stormy stretches. 

I wonder if it's because she isn't getting the extra natural Vitamin D from the sun?  Every day I have her hang out in our sunroom because it seems to help her distinguish between night and day.  The sunshine always gives her a better mood.  She takes 2,000 IU's of Vitamin D3 every day, today I gave her 3,000 IU's.

I also learned the hardway that gluten free doesn't mean hallucination free.  My mom has been hallucinating since yesterday afternoon when she ate the Blue Corn Chips, gluen free corn chips. 

I'm learning first hand that all ingredients matter with my mom.  My mom has become a great healthy food indicator; of course reading labels is good but my crazy mom is even better, her body finds ingredients that are hidden; hallucinations tell me which "health food" she shouldn't eat.  Everything processed, even most store bought gluten free products make her hallucinate. 

Just because something is gluten free doesn't mean it's hallucination free.


  1. Oh, man...must be heavy to live in a roller coaster - you never know what your mom's situation is tomorrow...

    Your a strong, brave daughter!
    Take care!


  2. Thanks Blogsite.... we can all be strong with a bit of faith in our abilities.

  3. Bizarre question perhaps but... does your mother happen to have rhesus negative blood per chance?

  4. Peter, no...she is A pos blood type.