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24 February 2010

It's Only Too Late When We Are Dead

We are now on our 6th day of my mom's hypnosis sessions.  The 15 minute recording that I had made her is working, PERFECTLY. 

She loves listening to the recording and will put the headphones on herself and sit quietly, listening.  My mom, she gets into it.  She closes her eyes and does the breathing exercises that I had taught her, breathing exercises that are designed to relax and release tension.

My mom, she walks around the house with a smile, happiness has replaced her dreary outlook on her life.  Yesterday she was humming, walking around the house... happy!  She's happy today too.

You see, my mom wasn't able to operate the TV Remote control.  For nearly 2 years I have had to change the TV channel for her; the remote controls were too daunting for her.  My mom lacked confidence, which I believe was a big part of her trouble.  She believed that she couldn't do it ... so she couldn't.

Yesterday I was preparing dinner when my mom comes into the kitchen and says, "Oh Susie, you are so cute.  Look  at you, cleaning and cooking.  You are a good girl."

I turned and it was my MOM, she was standing in the doorway.  Not my crazy mom, but the mom I knew and loved before she lost her mind.  Inside, my heart skipped a beat and did a jump for joy.  The hypnosis is helping her to have better days.

Overcome with joy, I said to my mom. "Ma, that was really nice to say.  Thank you.  But, you know, I learned how to do all of this from you.  You were a very good role model.  Thanks Ma... I love you.  Now, get out from under my feet!" I said with a laugh. 

My entire young years, I was always underfoot in the kitchen, I needed to see what my mom was doing.  Now, the rolls are really reversed, she does exactly what I had done 45 years ago.  My mom chuckled and hummed her hypnosis song walking back to her room, just like a teenager.

I'm able to work durning the day.  My mom isn't looking for me every 10 minutes.  She is able to entertain herself and every day in every way she's definitely getting better and better! 

In my opinion, hypnosis is the missing link.  Using the recording helps my mom to feel more independent.  So much so she thinks that she's OK to drive a car again, of course she won't, not yet anyway.  My mom, she wants to exercise.  She's happy.  She's eating her dark greens.  She is sleeping through the night, every night and she appears to be getting younger.  I look at my mom and I see my mom from 40 years ago. 

My mom, she's beautiful... she's a beautiful old lady.  She's taught me a valuable health lesson, it's only too late when we're dead...


  1. There are often successes in life, but not very many of this magnitude!! Just goes to show, HOPE can open doors that may have been hopeless before! Give yourself a hug!! You're awesome....you must get it from your mom!!!

  2. That was wonderful to read. Your heart skipping a beat when your mom was there instead of your "crazy" mom reminded me of The Notebook (if you've ever read or seen it) - how the husband works with his wife to get her to "remember" and get back to herself (she has Alzheimer's) and when she does, even for a brief moment, he is elated and feels like he's been given a gift.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Thank you Mellodee... I need to enjoy those moements. Today is not as good - she ate corn chips yesterday afternoon when I wasn't looking. They brought my crazy mom back - paranoid mom. *Sigh*.

    Thanks for your comment too Arielle... I never saw the Notebook. Maybe now I need to see it, especially since I can relate to the story line.

    The times when my mom comes back are definitely gifts. I love those times and wish they'd last but this disease is on a course to take her... unless of course I can stop it.

    I'll keep hope alive by always believing that we can if we think we can.