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01 February 2011

News Flash: Care Givers Don't Get Sick Days!

My mom's UTI was cleared up with five days of Cipro.  She is less insane and when she craps on the floor, she cleans it up herself.  Well, she tries to clean it up; God bless her.

I am rip roaring sick with the flu.  The thought of care giving is enough to make me want to hurl; which I have more than once over the last 24 hours.

I have learned a new lesson, Care Givers can NOT get sick because we don't get sick days.  Just because we get sick doesn't mean our job gets to stop; this is not right.  

I've not been sick like this for at least 10 years.  Last time I was this sick, my mom was able to make me soup and dote on me.  It was sad today when I was moaning on the sofa, my mom got up and covered me with a blanket.  She was so worried and was trying to help me, somehow.  She won't leave my side.  

The smell of food cooking turns my stomach; preparing food for my mother has been awful.

My nose is burning and itching, my eyes are watering and my throat is sore.  Coughing too... boy, it's deep and it hurts like hell.

I'm out of Astragulus.  Fuck!

We are in the middle of a freakin snow storm and my mom's day program is closed.  My mom has already told me that school is way more fun than staying home.    Yay!

Thank God Brian is working from home; there is no way I could do it alone today.

However, even though it seems like the sky is literally falling, I'm grateful for my loving husband who's getting me cups of tea and an extra blanket when I'm shivering with the chills.

Care Givers, we don't get sick days and that just sucks.


  1. Darn, I hate to hear you are sick with the flu. Get well wishes sent your way. I'm glad your hubby is taking care of you. God love my hubby he is handicapped. When I am sick all I can do is lay in bed then hobble to the kitchen and make my own tea.I am not complaining....just green with envy...lol. Glad your Mom's uti is cleared up. Take care and get well soon. Karen

  2. Hope you feel better soon. The last time I was sick a neighbor brought in meals for us for 2 days. What an angel!

  3. Oh shoot!!
    Praying you make a very quick and complete recovery!

    Sickness! I'm afraid of it, for my Hubby, who gets worse, and for me who doesn't get sick days!

    God bless your Hubby and his ability to help :)

  4. Thank you all for your well wishes. God, do I need them!

    Maybe today I'll have a fever free day!