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25 February 2011

Folding Laundry

My mom's day program nurses and aides are brilliant.  Yesterday I got a note sent home in my mom's snack box.  The nurses told me how they got a bunch of small hand towels and gave them to my mom to fold.  She happily folded the laundry... she loves laundry.

Once she finished folding the towels, the aid would thank her and take the basket away.  The aid would then unfold all the towels and bring her a "new" basket of towels to fold.

My mom was given an opportunity to feel like she's making a difference; she feels that she has a job.  The laundry job sure did make her happy and helps keep her from wandering out of boredom.  She comes home happy after a day of "work."

Often, real life seems like an endless basket of laundry; it can be pointless but when we believe it's for a good reason, we do the task repeatedly without asking the question... why?  Living life, doing the same thing over and over again is akin to my mom's endless basket of laundry.  We all do tasks, we go to work, we run on treadmills... we fold laundry; over and over again.  Why?


  1. I notice the "folding" thing with Mom a few years ago. If she didn't have anything else she would go through a whole box of kleenex folding them. I mentioned it to the Dr. and he said they don't know why but 99% of Alz. patients do that.
    It is a great tool to keep them busy though.

  2. That is a great idea. I am glad she has innovated people working with her...

  3. Kim... isn't that an interesting fact! My mom always loved laundry, no wonder she gravitates toward folding towels.

    Missy... I am so grateful for the nurses and aides that care for my mom during the week days. They are phenomenal with her and are learning how to work with her.

    The program is not an Alzheimer's Day Care, so they don't have much experience with it... my mom is teaching them and they are doing their own research to help my mom have better days.

    My mom is a cute little old lady when she's at "school"... sort of like what I read from mom bloggers about their little devils being true angels in public.

  4. This post inspired me to write something myself. I gave you credit and provided a link back here. Thanks! What an inspiration.

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  5. Thank you Anonymous! I wasn't able to read the article because it's in a password protected area on your website.

    Thanks again for tweeting and linking to my article.

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