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14 February 2011

Valentine From My Mom

Valentine from Mom
February 14, 2011
I opened my mom's lunch box when she got home and tucked inside was a Valentine that my mom made for me.  Actually, 2 Valentines were inside.  It was so sweet.  I felt proud like a mom must feel when their pre-schooler comes home with a card or picture that they had made for mom.

My mom was so excited when I liked her card.  I know she spent lots of time working on it at the Day Program with nurses and aides helping her.  She had fun making the card for me; how special!

The card that my mom made for me will be treasured, always.  One day I'll find this card, long after my mom has passed and I'll wish that she were still alive.  I can almost see myself at a future time, missing my mom.

I'm grateful to have received such a beautiful Valentine from my little demented mom.


  1. Oh Susan, this is so wonderful. This valentine may well become one of your most valued treasures one day. Today your mom was able to make you a gift all about love! Who knows how many more times that may happen? Despite all the changes and loss she is going through, your mom wanted you to know you are loved! What a gift!

  2. I know how you felt when you saw the valentine. My Mom came home from Day Care last week with a little wooden heart box they painted and put stickers on. I will keep in forever too.

  3. Mellodee... yes, this will be a Valentine's Day for me to remember fondly. It really melted my heart. The joy on her face was priceless. It's like I'm getting to experience the joy a mom feels with a daughter. Very sweet.

    Kim... awww, isn't it the best feeling to receive a hand made gift from our moms?

    Yesterday my mom came home with a box that she decorated with stickers. She didn't give me the box, she is using it for her "valuable" jewels. She loves bling in her demented state of mind.

    We are very fortunate to have had these experiences with our moms... makes all the tough days seem worthwhile.

  4. That is funny because Mom loves bling now too. She NEVER wore any jewelry before she got sick and now she is like a crow - grabbing anything that sparkles! Does your Mom have a thing for red now?? I have talked to other caregivers we have all noticed that our parents are suddenly attracted to the color red.