I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

23 February 2011

Observation: Simple Carbohydrates, Sugar and Urinary Tract Infections

My mom seems to have a chronic issue with Urinary Tract Infections.  Just as soon as she would finish a round of antibiotics to take care of one infection, another would come back within days.

The tell tale sign of an infection, the smell, an indelible odor that will never leave my olfactory sensors.  Like clock work, within 2 days of finishing her antibiotic, infection would return.

Diapers surely contribute to the infection woes of every Care Giver.  UTI's have a silent approach, ambushing good days from our lives as quickly as a hawk can strike its unsuspecting victim.

Personally, I've noticed that my mom's UTI's come with more agitation and confusion.  Infections surely usher in vivid hallucinations and difficult behaviors; redirecting is nearly impossible.  My mom forgets how to use the toilet when she has a UTI, pooing or peeing on the floor, in closets or in buckets; a special surprise to clean.

My mom doesn't care to eat nutritious foods when she's got a UTI.  Her dementia is amplified and all logic is flushed down the proverbial toilet.  She craves simple carbohydrates like cookies, bread and other snack foods.  She turns her nose up at protein rich foods; beans and lean meat.

It's much more challenging when my mom has a UTI; she tends to hate me because I say "NO."  She doesn't know who I am or that I'm here to help her.  I become the enemy.  It's frustrating; I need to remind myself that this too will pass.

My mom's craving for simple carbohydrates and her increased consumption of this food helped me to realize that this could be the root of my mom's chronic infections.  I did a little research and discovered that with Chinese Medicine (which I am a big believer), carbohydrates and sugar create the perfect breeding ground for a UTI.  No wonder my mom's been having issues and driving me completely out of my mind.

Our Naturopath Doctor did recommend that my mom take Mannose every morning; this natural remedy wraps itself around the bacteria and flushes it out of ones system before it creates a problem.  My mom eats Greek style yogurt every day for the probiotics and I've cut down on the amount of cookies and snacks that she has every day.

My mom loves eating cookies with her tea.  Seeing her happy, especially after a round of "I hate you!",  gave me approval from my mom, even if it was false.  I kept giving her treats; it was a high for me to get a smile of approval from my mom. Only now do I realize that I was creating the issue by feeding my mom the type of food that harbors infections.

Based on Chinese Medicine, protein is a good preventer of UTI's because it make an acid environment; a hostile environment for an infection to take hold and raise havoc.

Since I've cut back on my mom's simple carbohydrates, added the Mannose and stick to lean meat with lots of vegetables; life has been calm.  Pee and poo are landing in the toilet, my mom is having more enjoyable days at the Adult Day Program and when she gets home she is chatty and able to tell me all about the fun she had while at "school."

Food that we feed ourselves and the seniors in our care, really does matter.


  1. I totally agree with you about the simple carbs and sugars. I am diabetic and use d-mannose myself often. But then I believe that simple carbs and sugar are the root of many illnesses. I don't think anyone should over indulge in simple carbs and sugars. Bad, bad, bad! Glad your mom is feeling a little better and the uti's are disappearing! They are miserable! Hang in there Susan! You are a great daughter! Blessings, Karen

  2. Thank you for your comment, Karen!

    It's tough saying NO to her all the time. She's usually good about things that she eats when she doesn't have a UTI... when she has one, she is like a spoiled child.

    Mannose seems to be working for her - so is Fenugreek.

  3. Susan, I use a product (over the counter) called Good Sugar. I take this along with my diabetic prescriptions meds. Fenugreek is in that product. Hope all is well. Karen

  4. Hi Karen... I'll look at the Good Sugar and let you know what I think. Thank you for the tip!

  5. There are many supplements on the market that use as urinary tract infection home remedy, some easy to find, some more obscure. Care is needed however! Whilst fruit drinks are, on one hand excellent for increasing the acidity of the urine, if they are sugary then they will only make the UTI problem worse. There are several types of tea which are highly efficient for preventing urinary tract infection attacks and for treating the symptoms of UTI's when they start to occur. Teas are particularly good for urinary tract infection home remedy because they contain no sugar and have natural diuretic and antiseptic properties.

  6. Gian... Thank you for you comment. I visited your blog and enjoyed some of your articles.

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