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21 February 2011

Today Is A GREAT Day!

Sunrise over Haleakala Crater
Maui, Hawaii
It's President's Day today, my mom's Day Program is closed for the holiday; she'll be home with me all day.  It's also snowing again, all though the storm is just nipping us with a dusting to an inch of fresh snow.  Just enough to make all the dirty snow banks look clean.

My new mission is to figure out how to keep the Care Giving blues away.  My focus is now on myself.  Exercise is important to me; I enjoy the euphoric feeling that comes over me after a good work out.  Meditation, calming my thoughts, breathing exercises and more dark green vegetables are all keys to my personal happiness.  I know the things that I need to do to make myself happy and keep a positive attitude.  I finally have the time to do all these things for my spirit.

Today is the day that I start focusing my attention on me, I've neglected myself for far too long.  No wonder I have been so miserable and angry.  Only I can change my life; it's up to me.  It's time to stop the excuses because we all know that excuses are like ass holes, every one has one!

Upon awaking this morning, I remembered a trick that I used every day before I became a Care Giver.  I greeted my day with enthusiasm, I jumped out of bed and exclaimed with excitement, "TODAY IS A GREAT DAY!"  The tone was set and my days were full and satisfying.  I long for those happy days, the days where I can see the joy in all things.

I've learned through experience that when I declare how my day will be, it typically is a very good day.  Troubles are not as troublesome on the days that I remember to declare how I expect my day to unfold.  It's my choice to expect a good day or a bad day.  I'm choosing a good day... why not?  I love the results.

I see myself happy and laughing today.  The day has magic, like every day.  I'm ready to see the beauty around me and to show gratitude for all the blessings in my life.  I am fortunate.

How will you greet your day?  It's up to you to decide and only you can make the change.  Try it... expect the best and the best will come.


  1. I very clearly remember the day I turned the corner in my attitude towards being a caregiver. I had a friend C. We met the first day of school at the age of 5 and were always friends after that. A few years ago, just days before Christmas she took her own life. Nobody saw it coming.
    I used to be where you were. I woke up everyday feeling sad, angry and depressed. The worst was the feeling of hopelessness. I thought - another day, same as the last, it will never end. That feeling of hopelessness scared the crap out of me. I thought of C and I made a conscious decision to change my attitude. I didn't want that feeling to grab ahold and take over me like it must have for her.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful story, Kim. I have learned that it's all part of the process of being a care giver. We seem to go through phases until we get to the acceptance.

    I finally realize that I was my own worst enemy... peace brings peace. It's simple. I'm grateful that I had my epiphany like you!

    Yay! Here's to many more happy days for US, the Care Givers.