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15 February 2011

You Expect Me To Eat This?

November 2009, my husband and I decided to bring some young blood into our home.  We chose 2 kittens; a brother and sister.  We named them Sammy and Shakti.  

Sammy looks like he has a suit on, he's a beautiful tuxedo.  He reminded me of Sammy Davis Jr. so we named him Sammy.  

Shakti, she was a lovable kitten, she comforted us when we were feeling blue.  Shakti decides when you need her.  She carries Mother Earth energy.  She watches over everyone in our house.

She's also very fussy with what she eats.  The food needs to be cut a certain way for her to even consider eating it.  If it's in little cubes or mushy, she will give me a dirty look and proceed to try and cover it up like she does her poo.

I video taped her covering her food.  I find it pretty funny.  She gets into it and becomes compulsive with the task.  I wonder what the Cat Whisper would say about this behavior?  Spoiled cat?


  1. HA HA!!! That is hilarious!

    Reminded me of a card I received once from my children,
    Front cover was a cartoon grumpy faced child holding a fork over a plate.
    Statement was,
    "What is it? I hate it!"

    Yep, that was my kids.
    Apparently it's your cat too LOL!!

    hope you're having a great day.
    By the way, LOVE your new blog layout.

  2. Thanks Kathy! Gosh... glad I didn't have kids... cats are bad enough with sending their message of disgust over their food.