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08 July 2010

Weeds of Life

Have you ever wondered why everything in your life pretty much sucks out loud?

Do you ever find yourself raising your fist to the sky and cry out, "Oh God, why me?!  Lord?  Why me?"

Looking outside oneself, we often look for a cause to the misery in our lives.  Shit happens and it all seems to happen at the same time and at the most inopportune moment.

You go to church, you pray, you do all the things in life that you believe a good Christian should do and the good Lord serves you a curve ball.  Life changes, it shifts and it all happens because of the thoughts we hold.  Thoughts are real where nasty thoughts become the weeds of life.  Weeds that need to be pulled or they will wreck havoc in ones life making a situation go from bad to worse.

We all slide down the slippery slope at times, it's human nature.  The people we spend the majority of our time, these are the people we become; the reason our parents always cared about the company we kept as children.   The reason I need respite is because hanging out with my mom all day long, every day, I found myself becoming crazy.

Negative attitudes.  Sneakiness.  Twisted thoughts created in our minds surge through our bodies, creating uneasiness and illness.   Because we are never the cause of our troubles, we look outside of ourselves, we look for a victim, someone to carry our burdens, burdens that need to be addressed by one person... you.

Mirrors are a great tool because it shows us God, our true selves.  The looking glass, the image we see, is the only one we can control.   Everything that we do in life, we only have one person to blame; the reflection in the mirror.

If you find yourself angry with someone, look in the mirror.  What is it that you see?  Look at the person that has dug up your uneasiness.  What is it about that person that you do not like? Think.  Be honest.  There's a quality in people that either attracts us or repels our affections.  What is it?

What makes us love someone one minute and hate them the next?

Looking deeply within ones soul, with an honest heart, we often realize that the thing that annoys us the most with people is the one thing we need to work on in ourselves.  When someone blatantly holds a truth mirror up, showing ones intentions, it can be painful.

Our first reaction is a knee jerk reaction, we don't want to be the bad guy.  It's never us.  It's always easy to blame someone else because then we don't have to take any responsibility for our emotions and thoughts.  We make excuses, twisting and turning a story so that the blame is not on you, the perpetrator.

It's the wise one who recognizes the pain and understands that the only way to feel better is to take ownership.  Own your troubles.  Only you can make yourself happy.  Like Gandhi had said, "Be the change that you want to see in the world."

What do you want out of life?  How do you pull the weeds of life and keep the flowers?  How do you distinguish between a baby weed and a baby flower sprout?

Practice.  Patience.  Persistence.

Never give up on yourself and follow your heart.   People will try to shit on you, but stand up for yourself.  It's OK to say NO sometimes.  Sometimes our job is to rise above the bullshit that is slung, an action that is intended to suck you in to a battle that will never be won.


Who do you blame for the miserable lot you seem to have going on for yourself?  YOU.  You are the only one to blame.  Only YOU can make YOU happy.  Sucking off someone else's energy, expecting them to clean up the pile of crap that you left behind, is as sick as the Untouchables in the Indian culture, people who's job it is to clean up human feces.  People are people.  All of us have a soul, a spark of life that can either be Heaven or Hell on Earth.  It's all up to us.

We create our own happiness.  Even the Untouchables can be happy because happiness is created within ourselves.  Happiness and peace are the gifts of Heaven on Earth, gifts that are bestowed upon us through our inner Godself.  Our God inside is the human compass, it guides us through the sea of life and based on what we think, we are directed toward exactly what we asked for and deserve.

If you find your life out of balance, things will not go smoothly.  Your life will turn into a Hell on Earth.  The only one you have to blame is yourself.  Going to church and doing charity work won't help you.  What's the real reason for the charity work?  Are you trying to look good to people outside of your inner temple where the REAL God resides?  Are you more concerned about what people think about you than what you think about yourself?

What are you looking for?  Are you seeking approval?  Do you think you will get a better spot in Heaven?  Do you believe that you can keep doing the same sin over and over again but because you go to church, your sins are absolved?   Does this leave you believing that you are a good person because you do the obligatory thing, go to church?

If your life sucks, then something isn't right in your life.  It's up to you to decide what it is and fix it.  It's easy to fix, just use your thoughts.  Thoughts are real, you create your own reality.

Dementia has shown me how my mom's thoughts mold her day.  She has her own reality and thoughts that she holds at the time of a dementia episodes determines her happiness quotient.  I can not make her happy or anyone else happy.  It's not my job to fix everyone's problems.  I will help people who help themselves.  I will help seniors, especially family seniors.

My dad had a saying, "Charity begins at home."   What are you doing to help your family?  Are you doing it with joy or do you feel like you are being punished?  Are you missing the opportunity to make yourself happy?

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