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14 July 2010

Everyone Needs an Angel

Everyone needs an angel, here's my mom with her Visiting Angel... Cheryl.  

Another day of respite ahead... yippeee!  

My mom seems clearer this morning with no mention of anyone in the window; no fat ladies, no elephants, no women with their babies, nothing.  

"Good morning!"  My mom sang to me this morning, a voice that I remember from my childhood.  Her face is soft today, she appears more relaxed and happy.

Cheryl will be here about 10 or 10:30 and will take my mom to a new Adult Day Health program.  I've gotten the OK from the Program Director to have Cheryl sit with my mom to help her to acclimate with the group.  My mom is not very outgoing and extremely shy.  I think she has held a fear of rejection since she was a little girl and abandoned.  

Alone as a young teenager, father dead, older brother killed in action, mother in an insane asylum, older sister in the nut house too;  my mom was left with her brother, the brother that stole her ten cents so that he could go to the movies, her babysitting money.  He never paid her back and my mom has never forgiven him.  My mom felt like an outcast for the majority of her life.

My mom is happy knowing that Cheryl will stay with her and isn't leaving her at the place.  I am imagining success, where my mom makes new friends and enjoys the activities.  Today they are having a women's singing group.

Today is a great day!

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