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27 July 2010

Music to My Ears

It's been a good couple of days for us, even my mom. She slept through the last three nights. I've cut out dairy, well almost all dairy; I let her have a little quality cheese, it doesn't appear to give her a problem.

Sunday my mom spent the day with my sister Donna who took her for a visit with my brother Marty and my favorite sister-in-law, Patricia.  

Realizing that any gluten causes my mom a problem with cognition, I packed a lunch for her; Coconut Cod, steamed asparagus and Sweet Potato fries.  The fish, was uncooked, but ready for a quick fry in olive oil.   It came out fabulous and my mom came home not as confused as she has in the past.  Yay!

Yesterday morning, my mom woke up alert and happy.  She was chatty.  She told me about her visit with her kids.  My mom was nearly able to tell me about their conversations, only forgetting a few words which made it a little difficult to understand what she was saying.  Still, her ability to find words was better than it had been in the past.

Cutting out bread, gluten specifically, has helped her to have clearer days.  Her blood glucose readings are in the normal range, below 100.  Low blood sugar seems to bring with it lower blood pressure readings. Lower readings seem to allow her to communicate with us and she becomes less agitated.  Lower readings also keep hallucinations away.  Yesterday morning she said to me, "Hey, where is every one.  I don't see anyone!"  My mom seems to miss her hallucination friends when she doesn't see them.

Last night before dinner my mom said to me, "Susie, who are those ladies that were just here? They are trying to tell me that they are my mother but they are not.  What are they doing here?" She asked.

"Really?  Well, I will call Dream Master, these people are NOT supposed to be here.  They are just messing with you.  Dream Master will take care of them, he has put a restriction on our property, if any of them come into the yard or worse, into the house, they immediately go to hell."  I replied to her in a matter of fact tone as I continued, "I'll call him, you won't need to worry about seeing them again.  Here, let's get ready for dinner."

The hallucinations went away as soon as I told her that I called Dream Master.  She relaxed.  She had dinner.  It was a quiet night for us, a third good night in a row.

Today is our Visiting Angel day, Cheryl will be here in a few hours giving me respite.  I feel so much better now that I am getting a few days a week off from Care Giving.  My life feels a bit more free where I am able to enjoy little things like weeding my garden.  I'm singing again; I am happy.

My mom is happy again, 3 days in a row she woke up in a pleasant state, "Good Morning!" She sang, music to my ears.

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