I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

04 January 2010

We're Back On Track

It was a rough weekend for my mom only in the sense that she had way more "visitors" than she has been having since Dr. Barton got her set up with her natural supplements. 

The supplements, they help keep hallucinations away as well as keep her from having Uncle Al type behavior. Uncle Al has a similar diagnosis as my mom.  He's in a nursing home and taking the pharmaceutical drugs.  Uncle Al has a lot of confusion and has trouble walking on dark floors. 

Dark Floor Shuffle

When my mom was on less of the Cognifactor, she did what I like to refer to as the "dark floor shuffle."  She (like Uncle Al) would put her foot in front of her and check to be sure that it was a floor and not a big hole.  I use this behavior as a gauge, when my mom does this shuffle on dark floors, hallucinations are not far behind.

Today, my mom is having a good day.  She slept through the night, unlike the past several nights, she was up a lot.  Not even the Ashwagandha could keep her asleep.

In conclusion on this topic, it's not just one supplement that is helping my mother, it's a group of them.  I am writing a post about her supplements and what they do to help her.   Food is medicine... food, spices and herbs are also part of her health plan.  Everything combined is helping my mom to have more good days than bad, we're back on track.


  1. at least that shuffle sounds like she wont fall.. that was the biggest problem with my grandfather near the end.. i couldnt leave him 2 seconds without danger of him falling..

  2. It does help keep her from falling, except with the lean she has going on, she leans to the left and sometimes she'll be walking and all of a sudden, she'll fall over. I walk on her left and hold her up, especially when I take her out shopping.

    The worry with our old folks... geesh, wonder if they worried this much about us when we were little?