I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

10 January 2010

Naturopathic Medicine Begins On Your Dinner Table

My mom has been living with me for nearly 12 years.  During that time, I've seen my mom go from being on a crap load of pharmaceutical medications to just one. 

In our early years of being roommates, each time that my mom would go to the traditional doctor, they'd give her another new pill to try.  A pill given to mask the side effects of the pill that was prescribed in a previous appointment.  It was a viscious cycle.  I watched my mom become sicker.  It sucked.

I don't see the logic.  Why do people take the pharma drugs if they are going to just make them get more sick and need more drugs? 

To me, it seems that the only ones gaining here are the pharmaceutical drug companies, not us, not the regular people who they see as potential revenue for their companies.  Why do people insist on paying for the extravagant lives of the few 1% at the top?  Why do we think it's OK?  Who convinced us that we must buy all the packaged and processed foods which make us take Pharmaceutical medications? 

Who is responsible... what is responsible for all of us being so sick? 

In my opinion, it is really our responsibility first to make sure that we are doing the right things for our bodies, they are our bodies, we only get issued one per lifetime. 

Doctors, traditional and alternative both need the patient (that would be each individual) to take some responsibility for their own health.  Food, nutritious food is the body's fuel.  No one can force us to eat that Twinkie or that scrumptious smelling bagle, it's up to each of us individually to make the choice for ourselves.  It's the same with drugs, no one can force us to take the drugs, we choose, it's ultimately our responsibility and decision.  People, all of us need to take responsibility for ourselves and stop trying to pin our illnesses on someone else. 

If you eat the crap food, the processed shit, you will need the pharmaceutical medications.  In this sense, pharma meds serve a very good purpose in keeping the majority of the population alive.  Most people have no idea that the food that they are eating is what is keeping them diabetic. 

I have witnessed first hand the power of food and natural medicine.

Through my mom, I've learned that synthetic drugs are really bad for the human body.  My mom's system is super sensitive.  She can only eat pure food.  Nothing pre-packaged, NOTHING at all.   It may sound daunting at first but it's really not hard to make your own food.  I do make everything from scratch, fresh ingredients and it makes a difference in my families health.  My mom is less demented and we are all losing weight.  We are all looking younger as each day passes.  It's exciting.

Food is medicine.  Food is our first line of defense against disease.  We all need to take responsibility for ourselves.  If you have dementia, you better hope someone gives a shit about you and takes on the responsibilty of your proper nutrition... it will keep you from being in a nursing home.  If you haven't visited one lately, visit one, it will scare the shit out of you.  Once there, picture yourself being one of the people screaming out to you to take them with you.  It sucks.  NO wonder no one visits Seniors in nursing homes. 

I HATE NURSING HOMES I am doing everything in my power to help my mom so that she can continue to live her with me.  The natural supplements, as long as she takes them every day, she does awesome.  The natural supplements help to keep her in the present where we all exist together. 

My mom, the lady who was a hard core diabetic, now has a normal A1C of 5.4.  She eats chocolate and ice cream.  I believe gluten is the big trouble maker for most people, especially if you have a big belly.  This was the trouble for my mother and me.  We have been gluten free for about six months.  I feel fabulous.  My mom is lighter than she's been in decades, lots of decades.  One of her dreams has come true, she can fit into all of my cloths.  I've given her reign over my closet because everything is too big for me now because I'm shrinking. 

Shrinking is cool.

My entire life I have considered myself a big person.  I have fought the battle of the buldge my entire life, holding an image of myself which made me believe I was fat even when I was average sized.  I have ALWAYS had a big belly.   Now I know it was because I am gluten intolerant.

Gluten causes inflamation in a lot of people.  It brings on all sorts of ailments, appearing to be serious illnesses. It makes me wonder if the mass producers of the grains are in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies, working to keep everyone sick so that they need to be on the Pharmaceutical Subscription Plan. 

If you want to eat the store bought stuff, the processed foods that are advertised as being easy and "convenient", then the pharmaceutical companies serve a great purpose for you.  The pharma drugs are the synthetic drugs that work hand in hand with the packaged "foods", the fake food. 

Fake Drugs for Fake Food, makes sense.  

Empty processed food leaves you malnourished and hungry.  You eat more.  You get fatter and fatter until you hate looking at pictures of yourself.  You find that you are the picture taker; keeps you out of the pictures.  Bummer, you are robbing your kids and grandchildren of memories.  Priceless pictures to remember you by when you are pushing up daisies.

I know this to be true because I have millions of pictures to prove my theory, a truth for me.  Is it true for you?

How do you help yourself get out of your health rut?  How do you get off the current health grid and on to a healthier life, free from the pharmaceutical prescriptions subscription plan?

See a Naturopath Doctor as soon as you can!

For the last 100 plust years Naturopathic Medicine has been debunked as not working.  This claim came from the new pharmaceutical companies.  Wooo Hooo Capitolism! 

We are never told about Naturopaths who work with Medical Doctors to help us to heal our bodies naturally.  It's not advertised.  Naturopaths are trained to understand how natural remedies work with the human body to help it heal.  Naturopathic Doctors believe in gentle healing, slow and gradual.  The idea isn't to stay on the medicine forever; you're only on it as long as you need it.  Brilliant.  We don't have to go broke... it's a big time answer to the rising healthcare cost crisis in this country.  

How do you find a Naturopath?

My big question was where do I find a Naturopath?  I searched and found the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.  You enter your zip code and a list will appear and from there you can select.

A Naturopath will help you to navigate your health, helping you to restore the balance in your body. 

Food is our first line of defense.  Eat natural foods.  Grow a garden.  Make food preparation a fun ritual.  Involve your family.  If you need to learn how to cook all over again, there are MD's writing books and have websites to help us.  Dr. John La Pluma has a fabulous website where you gives video instructions.  His website is easy to navigate and you will find lots of recipes to get your started.

I am writing recipes.  I've learned how to cook all over again.  I've made my food preparation my sacred time.  The chopping and dicing, the sizzling and the aroma of the spices and herbs contribute to an aura of peace in the house.  Our food is made with love and ingredients which are healing to the mind, body and spirit.

Natural Medicine works.  It works better than the pharmaceutical drugs that are made with synthetics.  Synthetics that poison the body and cause inflammation, inflammation that makes us sick and need more drugs.  Natural remedies have few negative side effects. 

Food is Medicine.  Pay attention to what you eat and before you know it you will begin to look and feel younger than you've felt in decades. 

Find a Naturopath Doctor.  We have one that we see here in Massachusetts that is fabulous.  Dr. Barton at the Winchester Natural Health, has helped my mom a lot.  He has helped her to get off almost all pharmaceutical drugs and onto natural remedies with little to no side effects. 

An important note, every body is different which is why a ND is needed, they are trained to know how the natural remedies work with the body. 

It's possible to get control of your health and get off the pharma grid.  It all begins with you taking responsibility for your health and making the committment to yourself.


  1. tha hardest part of the pills for my grandfather was balancing them. his heart pill would counteract his liver pill, or instance, so it was a constant balancing act to get them in a routine where he could take them both and still be effective..

  2. Your poor Gramps. I'm sure he is grateful that he had you and your mom to watch after him. I can hear him saying to all his friends in heaven, "Oh, he's a good boy" braging away about you.