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15 January 2010

Mommy Day Care

This morning when I took my mom to her Adult Day Care, I experienced what I imagine all mother's experience when their kids go off to school for the first time.  A bit of apprehension loaded with excitment.  I loved the feeling of turning out of the parking lot and driving away with just me in the truck...


I did my mom's hair for her this morning.  She was always a stickler for having well kept hair; losing it was really horrible for her mentally and emotionally.  Finding her a fiber powder to sprinkle on her head atleast stops the bald shine we often see on folks who are bald.  She loves this bald fix, it works for her.  Today, she told me that I did an exceptional job, she smiled and checked herself out in the mirror for a good time before leaving for the day.

Coat on, hat resting on her hair, we went for our 5 mile drive to the nursing home where she is spending the day and will spend everyday while I work.

I am excited.  Did I tell you that?

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about writing ones obituary and creating a new movie script for the life you want to have.

I follow my own advice

I wrote a new movie script for my next phase of life.  I lived with the goal in mind, not thinking how I was going to get there.  Life happened around me and like dominos, everything lined up perfectly.  Everything that we want in life or have, including children, begins with a thought. 

Thoughts are real, they create our future happiness or sadness.

My new movie included having a computer job, working from home, no travel and my mom going to an Adult Day Care during the day.  In my script, I cook all meals fresh from scratch with no preservatives, real health food.  Recipes that my family enjoys, flow freely from my mind.  My mom's health is stable and she likes going to her new "club" ...  

This is all that I can tell you from my movie script, it's the stuff that is manifesting into reality.  I want my readers to know that this exercise REALLY works.  Give it a shot, you have everything to gain. 

The power of our mind holds the key to our ultimate happiness in everything, where forgiveness is easy and love rules.

I love Mommy Day Care!!!

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