I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

24 October 2009

Goodnight Josephine

My mom had a pretty good day. We went to Costco so that Brian could pick up a few things tha the likes to buy there. I like going because it's a good place to "walk the moms."

It was raining. Brian let us off at the door. Both seniors took a cart and said, "I'll see you around." I waited for Brian.

Brian comes through the door, I wave. Nope. Doesn't see me, he dashes toward the TV's. Not like we need another TV in this house.

Torn, I run toward Brian instead of after my mom, heading down the aisle by herself.

I'm not fascinated by TV's like Brian is so I tell him that I'm heading off to find my mom. Then it hits me... "oh no! I forgot to tell her not to eat anything! Shit!!!"

I find her, with 2 empty little white sample paper thingies. "Ma! What did you eat?"

Ma... "Gee, I don't know."

I had her walk me around until she could point out what it was that she ate. Of course, a coffee cake with cinnamon. I think she enjoyed it, not sure. She didn't remember it.

Walking down the aisle she says, "Well, can't you give me something to counteract whatever it is that I ate that I shouldn't have eaten?"

I said, "Sure... I have Helleborus. That will work."

I noticed her mouth twitching more after she ate the poison treat at Costco. As soon as she got her little dose of Helleborus, her mouth stopped twitching and she was steady.

We ate fish for dinner with fennel. It was 5 star restaurant quality, I'm still mmmm'ing in my mind from the thought of how awesome it tasted.

My mom is all tucked in. She's had her blast of Reiki. She told me how Susan does Reiki too but she's not as good as me (which is Susan - not going to argue, screw it.)

I suggested to her that we are dissolving her lewy bodies, that she has the power with in her to overcome all illness... that everything is possible.

Then my mom said, "Everything is possible when you believe, I believe."

Mom drifted off to sleep as my hands vibrated with intense healing energy. I felt her sucking it in as she moved deeper and deeper into a healing sleep.

Goodnight Ma.... Goodnight Josephine.


  1. You are an amazing daughter. I hope your mom is able to keep finding some peace with all your help.