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31 October 2009

Ashwagandha... is it a cure for symptoms of LBD?

Ashwagandha on FoodistaAshwagandha is my new best friend with helping my mom overcome the frightening symptoms of Lewy Bodies Dementia.

When our lives turned upside down about a year and a half ago, my mom had signs of dementia with hallucinations. A big warning flag that my mom has Lewy Bodies in her brain.

I've been learning about Lewy and what causes it. It can be caused by eating a bad diet full of fatty foods and processed garbage. My mom, she was one for "quick" meals, let's get it on the table fast type meals. I don't know if it's because when we got hungry back then, we had to eat something fast. Even with her diabetic years, her blood sugars would spike and drop. Bread always helped the angst brought on by low blood sugar. What I've learned through my mom over the last few months since Lewy has come on strong, diet is important. It's never too late to change ones eating habits. The key is you need to want to change.

Lewy Bodies are also triggered by blows to the head. Even just one big bang to your head can bring it on. Many boxers have Lewy Bodies because of the hits to their head while fighting in competition matches.

Seniors are not very stable on their feet. Especially those with Parkinsonism, like my mom and others with Lewy Bodies. They have a tendency to fall down and bang their heads, bringing the symptoms front and center into every one's life.

Since poor nutrition can bring on Lewy Bodies Dementia, my thought is that maybe a good diet can chase it away.

I've reviewed in my minds eye all the foods my mom prepared while we were growing up. Lots of pasta. Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and potatoes. We didn't eat fresh vegetables. I didn't know vegetables came in anything but cans for the longest time. Never did she use herbs or spices in her food prep. Well, maybe Oregano and Basil, salt and pepper.

Now, I don't give her any foods that she prepared for her family. She's not happy about it but she does know that the new way of eating is restoring her health and possibly a renewed life.

I gave her 8 drops of Ashwagandha this morning in her blue shot glass, doctors orders. He told us that it will give her more strength and energy.

It's been about an hour since she had her first morning dose of Ashwagandha. She is alert and laughing at Jay Leno. She is able to sit through the entire show and even commented, "Boy, I never realized how long this show is."

My mom's concentration was much worse. The Ashwagandha is helping... is it a cure for LBD?


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