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25 March 2011

Why Unions Are Important

I really need to understand why the folks who would benefit the most from Unions are the same people that are fighting to have Unions dismantled in the public sector.

Do people realize that it's because of Unions that we have 40 hour work weeks, benefits like health insurance and sick days?

Unions in the public sector set the stage for all workers, even those folks who work for a corporation.  Unions are the backbone of the Middle Class, they help give workers bargaining power; unions level the playing field.

Union busting has been on the forefront of Republican politicians for decades.  Why?  Because Unions are not good for a businesses bottom line; profit is king, it's all that matters.

People don't matter to corporations.  Even though a business entity in the US have the same rights as people, they don't have emotions like people.  Corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to their stock holders, not the people who show up to work every day and make it happen.  Business doesn't care, it's not in the design of the laws for business to give a crap about you or me.

We are left feeling like poo if we work 9 AM to 5 PM.  An unspoken requirement to put in 50 or 60 hours a week for no extra cash has been slowly seeping through the private sector.  Folks are required to put in more than 40 hours a week or we run the risk of being laid off.  More and more folks are kept from their families, slaving at a job that they hate just so their families can have a roof over their heads and food on the table.  No longer do people eat dinner together, kids are being short changed... all for the damn mighty dollar that will end up in the pockets of the extremely wealthy.

All the wealth in this country is at the top and regular hard working folks are actually fighting for the wealthy to become more wealthy while making sacrifices; choosing between heat or food.

I just don't get  it.  Where's the logic?  Is everyone insane?

Unions give the middle class a voice, it allows us to bargain for benefits like 40 hour work weeks so that we can spend time with our families, quality time like my parents were allowed when I was a little kid.  Time with ones folks is way more important to a kid than money or things.  I have memories of my dad because he was in a union that bargained for a shorter work week.

Time gives parents opportunities to get to know their kids, guide them and teach them right from wrong.  Isn't this why people have kids in the first place?  Time allows parents to do homework with their kids and show them through example that education is the key to personal freedom.

Today, I feel like my country has gone crazy; everyone seems to be demented, fighting against things that would benefit them personally.

Why not tax the rich and use the money to help build services that will help folks to get out of the hole that they have found themselves trapped inside?

Union busting sucks.  If politicians get their way, we'll all be back to how things were during the Industrial age, when folks worked for peanuts, long hours and poor working conditions.  Slowly, we are all being manipulated by the Corporate Overlords through mass hypnosis implemented by the news media that is owned by the Corporate Overlords.

TV tells us what to believe and people believe it.  Even when the stories change from one station to the next, people still believe the stupid stories.  Morning news shows, it's not news... it's all advertisements, trying to sell us something, working to take our money for some crap that will end up in the trash sooner than later.  Stuff doesn't last... memories last, memories matter.

Yes, I'm ranting.  I'm angry.

I'm mad because our Care Givers don't have unions to back them and fight for their rights.  Do you know that there's a game that agencies play with Care Givers that are caring for our loved ones?  The game is they don't give the care givers 40 hours... know why?  If they don't get 40 hours they are considered part time help and are not required by law to provide benefits.  What the hell?!  Care Givers are paid about $8 bucks an hour and the agencies charge $25 an hour!  How is this fair?  Don't tell me that there's a big cost tied to each worker, there isn't, you don't even give them benefits.

The Care Giver has no paid sick time; they all go to work when they are ill.  I know, I've gotten sick because a Care Giver came to my house when they should have stayed away.

Care Givers are important and deserve to be treated with way more respect.  Care Givers need a union to give them a unified voice.

Unions created the middle class and the American Dream... why on God's good green Earth are regular workers in the middle class believing the drivel on the boob tube?

People... please, WAKE UP and think for yourselves!!!

So... can someone who thinks Unions are bad, can you please explain to me how and why you believe this to be true?


  1. Great blog Sue. Too bad people don't pay attention to history. Corporations have suffocated this country and to take away workers rights, I can't imagine what will happen now. Back to the sweatshops I guess. Considering I've been out of work for 2 years and can't find a decent job for a decent wage just adds to the anxiety.
    Thanks again for being on the side of logic. Ann Morgan

  2. Ann... thank you for stopping by my blog and writing a comment. Like you, I just don't get it. I don't think there's such a thing as common sense, just "sense." I'm happy that I have met another who has "sense!"