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01 March 2011

Hand Over the Keys, Ma

Senior Driving
The time has come for my 87 year old MIL to hear the words, "Hand over the keys, Ma!"  Diminished reflexes and poor judgement are the tell tale signs that it's time to put safety first.  Asking a senior to give up driving is akin to asking them to hand over all of their money.

I walked this path with my mom.  I failed miserably.  We had fights every day.  Convincing her to stop driving was not an easy task.  I still don't know how I did it.

So readers of my blog, please help me.  I need some creative ideas.

How do we get the seniors in our lives to give up their car keys willingly?  The fighting is worse than what I'd imagine it's like when fighting with a teenager over the same subject... driving.

Please, I need help ... what are some of the clever ways you've been able to convince mom or dad that it's time to stop driving?


  1. Can't you just tell her you lost the keys?
    This day is coming soon to me. My dad is going fast and I keep Praying for extra time...

  2. Mothers-in-law are, by definition, the parent of a spouse, in this case your husband's mother. That makes it officially HIS job. She will end up resenting it, but she would resent it more if the news and enforcement came from you. His mother, his job, end of story!! You've already had your turn!

  3. Missy... no, she has her memory. She would never fall for the ole' "Lost your keys" route. I suppose I could pull the carburetor coil like I did to an elderly man that I befriended years and years ago when his wife was worried about him driving. Unfortunately, he knew what I had done when his car wouldn't start so he hired a kid on the street to go get him a new part and install it for him.

    Mellodee... I know it's not my job to deliver the message to my MIL... I didn't make this clear enough in my post.

    I'm asking for tips on how to tell ANY senior that it's time to stop driving. My husband is an only child; I know he needs help with delivering this message. I want to help him with suggested solutions; he's my partner in life, we're a team.

    I'd like to know, what has worked for other folks that needed to tell a senior it's time to hang up the keys?

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