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12 March 2011

The Compassion Pit

Steve Dean Art
Compassion is a deep emotion that has played my heart strings for as long as I can remember.  Folks that are ill or need help, always ring my compassion bells, catapulting me into action.

Why?  Not sure.

Compassion.  I like being compassionate.  Something about giving of myself to another human that really needs the help; it gives me a sense of well-being and goodness.  It can be addicting.

I read an article the other day about "The Monkeysphere."  It's an interesting concept about how many people you can actually care about; monkeys can care about 50 other monkeys.  According to the article, humans can only care about 150 people deeply; everyone else, not important enough for us to care.

I believe because of "the Monkeysphere" concept, we can flip people off on the road while driving.  We have no attachment to these strangers, we just don't care about them; compassion on the road?  No way.

"F-YOU!  Where'd you learn to drive?  The 5 and 10?" 

Compassion allows us to reach outside of the 150 people in our Monkeysphere.  Because of compassion we have the power to make our world a more peaceful place for all of us to co-habitat the planet Earth.


I found this website where you can practice the beautiful art of Compassion.

This is the place where one can be an anonymous listener or an anonymous venter.  Seems to be more listeners than venter's; perfect for care givers who need someone to offer some compassion during those really tough times of caring.

Give it a try... if you need to talk to someone, log in as a Venter.  If you are feeling good and want to show some compassion for a fellow human somewhere on this big blue planet that isn't in your Monkeysphere... log in as a Listener!


  1. Hi there!

    I really like that website, too.

    Also, I found your blog entry interesting and nicely written. Therefore I have just linked to you in my blog about the same topic.

    You can find it under http://stefaniesoehnchen.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/a-here-is-my-darkest-most-hurtful-secret-b-tell-me-all-about-it.

    Let me know, what you think. :-)


  2. Hi Steffi!

    Thank you for linking my post to your post.

    I love your style of writing as well and linked your blog to my blog so that I can read your latests posts.

    Nice to have you in my Blogger-Monkeysphere.