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11 March 2011

Law of Numbers: Increasing the Odds

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Several years ago, I studied and took a test to become licensed to sell insurance.  I have believed that it was a huge waste of my time and in my opinion, a legal scam that I had bought into; until now.

I did learn one thing while studying and being trained to be an Insurance Agent, I learned about the Law of Numbers.  If you cast your net out far and wide, the law of numbers (averages) will work in your favor, bringing you something in return for the relentless hours of searching for a client.  In my case, it's in search of a bed for my mom in a nursing home.  It's way past her time to be in a skilled nursing facility.

The Law of Numbers is my new approach to finding a nursing home for my mom. By visiting as many places as I can and putting her on as many lists as possible, I am increasing our odds for a bed opening for her.

My husband made up a spreadsheet of all the homes that we will visit based on our careful review of Medicare and HSS ratings.  We will track calls, our home visits and our impressions of the facilities.

Today, I followed up and called all the homes where my mom's already on the list.  I'm pinging them to let them know that we are waiting.  I thank a Nun for teaching me that "the squeaky wheel gets the oil."  I'm using this approach too.

I'm also...

Praying to Mother Mary.

Visualizing my husband and me happily married, enjoying married life.

I am on vacation in my mind, enjoying a round of golf with my husband on a beautiful golf course in a pleasant climate.

In my thoughts, my future is happy and free of all worries because every day in every way gets better and better.

I love my future vision, it brings me peace and hope for better tomorrows even if the world appears to be going crazy.


  1. Update: All morning I have been calling nursing homes and setting up site visits.

    I found a home close to my brother and sister with 2 beds open.

    If we like the place, my mom could be living there next week.

  2. Oh Susan, could there be light at the end of the tunnel? Holding on to high hopes for you and your mom.

  3. Yes, I believe there is an end in sight. I was on a mission this morning and wasn't going to stop calling places until I found a bed for my mom. I found 2!

    My sister will look at the place tomorrow, it's 3.84 miles from her house. The home is located on a street that my mom drove on often; it was her short cut to her job at Wal-mart.

    It's closer to my family too. It will be easier for everyone to stop in and visit her.

    I'll have to travel further to see her but it will be worth it; she will have more visitors.

  4. Oh Sue!
    I surely hope things work out :)

  5. Kathy... I think it's going to! Today I visited one that's a 6 min drive from my house. It's PERFECT for my mom. They know LBD too. The facility has doors to an outside courtyard that the residents can go outside whenever they want. They have cameras and a nurse sitting watching the folks.

    This helps the folks not feel like prisoners. The people that lived there looked happy and the staff were very pleasant too.

    I loved that it was smell free too. It didn't have that nursing home smell that I remember from my childhood.

    Love, love, love the place I saw today. I filled out her application before I left. Monday the woman will call me from admissions.

    The best part.. a bed JUST OPENED last night. I don't know if they have a wait list. I know I asked but can't remember the answer; I called a lot of places yesterday.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed - this place is all one level... NO ELEVATOR.