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24 March 2011

Shot of Whiskey with Ed

My mom hallucinates a lot; mostly about my dead brother, Ed.  I love Ed.  He was a good big brother, even if he did put salt in my eyes when I was a little girl and spilled milk over my head because I wouldn't get out of our dad's recliner; he "hozied" the seat as he ran to the fridge for milk during a commercial break.  I hopped into his seat, full well deserving the glass of milk over the head.  I didn't deserve the salt in my eyes.  He told me to look up, so I did and he sprinkled salt in my eyes... bastard.  But... I still grew up and loved my brother despite his sick humor.

Today, I was able to go along with mom's hallucinations.  The Lithium Orotate is working.  I don't feel high.  I feel calm and all of the pain in my body is gone.  I love this Lithium Orotate.  It's making care giving much more bearable when caring for my mom with Lewy Bodies Dementia.

"Where's Eddie?"  My mom asked.  "He was here a minute ago."

"Oh, he is very busy with all the dead folks in Japan; you know the earthquake and the nuclear meltdown...   He's got to work over time gathering all the souls and bringing them to Heaven.  Dad will be here any minute with Heaven's Bus."  I told her confidently as I prepared to have her take her night time blood pressure medicine.

"Come on, have your medicine.  Drink it down like a shot of whiskey.  (I laugh like I just heard Ed talk to me)  Ha, ha, ha... Ed just told me that he LOVES it when you drink your medicine like a shot of whiskey, he's got a shot too and said, one, two, three... GO!"  I was hoping that my talk about Ed and drinking whiskey together would entice her.  It worked.  Good thing, my mom never drank with Ed but she knew that he drank and smoked.

"Ma... Ed is laughing so hard, he's coughing.  Remember when he used to laugh so hard that he'd choke and cough?"  I said to her, in my attempt to live in her demented world somewhere between life and death.

"Hmmmm.  Who's that on the front porch.  Someone's there."  My mom replied.

"That's got to be one of the folks looking for Dad's bus."  I replied back.

"Where's Eddie?"  My mom asked again.

"He's on the front porch with that soul, he's showing him the back yard where Dad comes with the bus...  Ed told me that he'll see you tomorrow.  He really loved how you did the "shot of whiskey" tonight.  It makes him laugh.  He loves it when you drink the blood pressure medicine fast like a shot of whiskey."  I spoke like I was repeating a real conversation that I had with my dead brother.  My mom believes that I can see him because I am a Swami.  I go with it.

I tucked my mom in and she said to me,

"6, 9, 5... I want to go with him."  She had a beautiful smile on her face.  She mumbled more words that were incomprehensible.  I assured her that she was safe and sound.  I used some hypnosis on her, she was in the right place.  I told her how wonderful Susan is and how much she loves her.  It seemed to work.

Then she said, "I want to go with Ed... Naw... not really, but... well, yes.  I think I do."

Mom's eyes were closed.  She was seeing something in her minds eye.  People were coming, there were people everywhere.  She was trying to tell me about them, but was struggling to find the words to describe what she was seeing.

I pushed the hair behind her ear like she used to do to me and her mom did to her.  "Everything is OK.  You are safe and sound."  I reassured her.  "You can go with Ed when you want, it will be a happy time for you.  You will look like you did when you were 18 and had that little tiny waist."

"Sleep with God, Ma.  I love you."  I said to her as I left her room.

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