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17 April 2010

Love Letters from Heaven

It's been pretty crazy living in my mom's hallucinations about my dead father.  In her mind, she believes he's alive and has a job with God helping dead souls adjust to their new state of being - no Earthly body.

My mom also believes that I have a way to communicate with my father.  I told her that when I was initiated as a Swami, I got a special phone that allows me to call my dad and more importantly, Dream Master.  She believes in Dream Master, she believes everything that I say to her when I talk about the souls who have passed.

I did make up the Magic Eye to help explain why she can see the visions and I can't.  My mom believes my dad made her Magic Eye work so that she can see behind the mystery of death and dying, so that she's not afraid to go on the Heaven Bus when the time comes.

Now, my mom wants to talk to me every waking minute about my dad, my brother, her brother, her Ma and her Pa.  My mom wants to know everything about dying before she dies and she believes that I can teach her.

I did tell my mom that my dad wants her to eat more dark greens.  Now she is eating more dark leafy vegetables, food that is very good for her brain.

Yesterday my mom drove me a little nuts.  She was asking question after question, questions that I was afraid to answer.  Then I had a brilliant idea...

"Ma, I found out that you can email dad and he can email you!  I talked to Dream Master and when you are out with Donna this weekend, Brian and I will set it up so that you can write your questions to dad and when dad has a chance he'll answer."  I shared my idea with my mom and she lit up like a Christmas Tree as she said, "Really?  We can do that?  Eddie too?  I can email Eddie too?"

I've started a new blog just for the notes which I have called, "LOVE LETTERS FROM HEAVEN."

Stay tuned.


  1. It touches my heart to read this. I do wonder if i do drive my boys crazy too.. for i speak of their dad all the time.. but i do compensate a lot by eating a healthy amount of dark green leafy vegetables..;)


  2. Silver, mourning the loss of someone that you love is hard. We all want to understand the WHY, especially when they pass from a terminal illness or suddenly.

    I was 18 when my dad died of pancreatic cancer. His illness and his death affected me deeply.

    I do believe that if my dad had not passed when he did, I wouldn't be where I am today helping my mom to have more good days than not so good days. When my dad became my Angel, I searched for the WHY and in the process I discovered who I AM.

    Eat healthfully... you will save your boys a lot of pain later in life. It's never too late to heal our body mind and soul.