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08 April 2010

Financial Exploitation of Seniors is WRONG!

More and more I see how unsuspecting Seniors are being exploited financially.  It's maddening because it's usually a family member who does the exploiting. 

Based on my observations, the Senior loves the family member and won't say anything against the loved one... why?  I suspect it's because they are afraid or they believe that the person would not bring them harm. 

I can't count how many times my aunt has called to tell me about my cousin asking for money, she gives her the money, she complains about my cousin who ignores her or is "cold" and when I tell her that what's going on is wrong, she says, "Oh, but she's a good kid."  Really?  How so?  She's not helping you to eat properly and she isn't buying your medications that you pay for in advance.  What is she doing with this money?  Is she a drinker?  Is she using drugs?  What is going on?  You are not safe.

My mom, she doesn't have any money... she's broke.  No wonder she doesn't have any visitors, she doesn't have anything that anyone wants.  I have been supporting my mom for 12 years and still supporting her.  In my mind, this is the way it's supposed to be.  Children are supposed to take care of their parents and Aunts and Uncles that were special.

How can anyone steal from a senior?  Especially a senior who loved them and gave them everything that they could ask for in life?  HOW?  WHY?

First, my Uncle was exploited by his adopted daughter... today he sits in a low end nursing home, alone.  He was set to live in a fine place once he couldn't care for himself any longer, but his child made sure to spend his money before he died.  Makes me happy that I forgot to have children.

Now, it's happening to my favorite Aunt.  She calls and tells me about my cousins and how she doesn't have any money.  She isn't eating and she's becoming sicker.  Are they trying to kill her?  On Easter Sunday I picked up my Aunt so that she could spend the day with my mom at my sister's.  She told me in the car that my cousin who lives in the house didn't have the money to pick up her prescription, her heart medication. She wasn't feeling too well.  She needs to take Toprol or her heart will stop.  WTF!?  My cousin gets my aunts pension check every month to pay the bills and pick up her medicine at the pharmacy.  I don't understand how folks can do this, especially people who are family.

I could call and report this to the states Elder Services so that there's an investigation, but unless my aunt wants to go along with it, I'd just be wasting time and money.   I ask my aunt every time I talk to her, do you want me to report this abuse?  They are stealing from you and it's hurting your health.

I'm frustrated.  I don't know what to do for my aunt.  I have asked her to come live with me numerous times but she loves her church and her friends; she refuses.  I even told her that I'd take her to church on Sunday.  I haven't been to church in decades, although she tried to get me back to the Catholic Church; decades of missed masses.  Now is her chance to get me back to church and she said NO!

People who hurt seniors and take advantage of them are criminals.  Seniors are child like.  They need someone to watch over them, they need a guardian who cares.  Some seniors do, most don't. 

In my opinion, our society is screwed up.  We are against abortion because it's a "right to life."  Ok... but why do we throw away the lives of seniors?  They have a life, isn't it just as beautiful as the life of an unborn fetus?  Do we throw away our elders because they don't have any useful purpose that benefits us?  Do we fight abortion so that these babies can be born, grow up and become warriors to fight and kill for no good reason?  What happened to the belief of "right to life?"  Why is it selective? Why doesn't EVERYONE have a right to life?

The masses believe everything that the idiot box tells them, with few using their minds to think for themselves.  Do people steal from seniors because there aren't any consequences... because they can?  Financial exploitation of Seniors is wrong and people who do it need to be stopped.  My question... how do we stop these predators?


  1. Well written!
    Could be my opinions...
    But how to stop these predators?
    There will always be people like that.
    As long as a person want to be loved/allows others to misuse her/his weakness nothing can be done.
    Ordinary senior will not change.
    And we can not change others.

    What can you do? To tell your aunt that you don't want to hear those stories anymore. (just like my mother, year after year same mutter and complain but not ready to do anything because she doesn't want to hurt him/her > wants be loved not disliked even if it's a life long misery > she doesn't have to be alone!
    I told my mother that certain stories I don't want to hear anymore. She stopped! But her life is still the same but she realized my point but can't change anymore...)

    It's your aunt who has to want. If she wants to be a martyr that's her choice and you don't have to listen to her.
    Tell her that it hurts you, that you have enough in your own life...that she has to act or stop complaing. Sorry but that's how it is...
    Unless you want to continue as it is today...

    Have a good day!


  2. Great advice! If someone doesn't want to change their situation, there's nothing anyone can do to change it for them - thanks Blogitse for your comment... it's full of wisdom.

  3. dont get me started on this one.

    when i here of someone taking advantage of a senior citizen, it makes me want to call up my uncle tony to handle things..

    you do NOT want to get handled by my uncle tony...

  4. Ahhhh... Uncle Tony! We all need an Uncle Tony.

  5. UGH This just makes my blood boil!!

    I do believe that you CAN call the Adult Protective Services who can find out why she doesn't have her meds. Especially since someone else in in charge of her money and responsible for seeing that her needs are met.

    All they can do is nothing but at least you did your part to do something.