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04 April 2010

Is There Love In Heaven?

"Susie... come here!" My mom exclaimed to me yesterday.  "Daddy (giggling), he's here, he's in the woods on the otherside of the fence.  There's a big gathering, like the one at the supermarket parking lot, Daddy, he's there, he's directing everyone, there's a bunch of people... it looks like a wedding.  Everyone is in white."  My mom was thrilled to see my dad and walked around the house and backyard all day to get a view of the sacred event that my dad was performing.

My mom, she walked all day long, she was buzzed with joy and couldn't believe her eyes.  She asked all of us if we saw my dad.  "Did you see him?"  I overheard my mom asking my mother in law while they were in the backyard. 

My mom was full of joy, she was seeing my dad, her husband who died 30 + years ago.  Could my dad be helping me from wherever he went when he passed from this planet?  It was as though my dad was keeping an eye on my mom so that I could steam clean the house with minimal interuptions.

Yesterday was a day full of hallucinations and a little paranoia for my mom.  She has worried about her purse as long as I can remember; because of Lewy Bodies Dementia, my mom is super paranoid where her purse is concerened. 

Three times yesterday she "lost" her purse.  In my mom's mind, someone stole it... one of the people in my dad's congregation stole her purse... in her mind, that's what was going on.  I let her look for it for about an hour.  When I noticed her becoming aggitated and convinced that her hallucination had stolen her purse, I stopped what I was doing to find it for her. 

The third time searching for the purse, I threatened her that I would take her purse away from her and lock it up, giving it to her only when we were going out.  She relaxed and that was the last time I had to look for the "stolen" purse. 

At one point during the afternoon, my mom thought my dad was performing a wedding.  She came in to the kitchen and said, "I think your father is over on the otherside of the fence. ... He's probably remarried again."  My mom was so upset, she appeared rejected and forlorn with the thought that my dad married another woman in Heaven.

Fortunately, I'm a good story teller and can talk my mom off any ledge.  I proceeded to tell my mom how Heaven and Earth work.

"Ma, we can only be married on Earth.  We are born and live on Earth so that we can enjoy Earthly pleasures, like getting married, having kids, drinking fine wine, eating really great food and experiencing the other joys of life.  Dad can't get married, it's not what we do when we go to Heaven.  When we die, we transform into an angel, because dad always taught me that energy can't be destroyed, it just changes, transforms into another energy form."  I began to explain to my mom who was intently listening.  I asked my mom, "Does this make sense?"

My mom shook her head in agreement; I continued on with my explanation that would help her to relax and know that my dad is waiting for her. 

"You see Ma, when we die we all have jobs to help people on Earth to know love.  People can't see us when we die because our energy is so pure and good, it's love energy... I've heard it is the feeling of love that you have when you see your new baby's face for the first time.  Do you remember how that feeling was for you Ma?"  I asked my mom to make sure that she was following my story.

Again she nodded her head, her eyes wide with interest, she wanted me to continue as she asked, "Why did I see the woman getting married?" 

I continued, "... So, dad, he's got a job working with God in Heaven.  His job is to help all those souls that you saw in the woods with Dad yesterday.  It is Easter, the holy weekend, dad was performing a ceremony, the people wear white because it's a symbol of purity.  You saw the Holy Ceremony, not a wedding, folks don't get married in Heaven." 

My mom looking at me said, "Why don't people know about this, how come you know about Heaven and how it works?

Not missing a beat I said to my mom, "Ma!  You know who I am... you know how much I've studied this topic for so many decades, right?  Of course I now how it works.  Everything is great.  Dad is waiting for you.  He is hanging around you now because he loves you so much."

"Oh!  What about love?  When we die, don't we have love?  Isn't there Love in Heaven"  My mom asked me with an inquisitive expression on her face, waiting for me to ease her worry about my dad finding another woman in Heaven.

"There's love Ma, it's a love that is pure, real love.  The love you and dad had for eachother, it is eternal, it's a love that carries us from one lifetime to another.  It's the reason we come to Earth and live, so that we can find our true love.  The folks we love that have died, they do everything that they can to give us signs to help us find love, the real love.   Love is the glue that keeps us together from one lifetime to another, yes Ma, there is Love in Heaven and dad, he loves you." 

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